Fitch Ratings: Global Perspectives, Strong Local Experience and Credit Market Expertise

Fitch-Ratings-LATAMFitch Ratings, a division of Fitch Group, is a leading provider of credit ratings, commentary and research.

The additional context, perspective and insights the company provides have helped investors fund a century of growth — and make important credit judgments with confidence.

Fitch Ratings is dedicated to providing value through independent and prospective credit opinions, and offers global perspectives shaped by local market experience and credit market expertise.

The firm — ranked number one in Latin America — has 13 offices in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Central America and more.

Some 200 analysts are dedicated to credit ratings and research in Latin America, providing more than 600 corporate ratings and 1,500 banks and financial institutions.

It provides 90 percent coverage for Public Finance, Infrastructure and Project Finance markets, and oversees 340 local and cross-border Structured Finance transactions.

In the past year, Fitch has undertaken 6,100 investor interactions around the world, and published 11,000 reports globally in 2019, including 1,400 special reports.

Drawing on the insight of some 1,000 analysts, the company brings diverse viewpoints together to render objective and forward-looking assessments.

What goes in to, and stands behind, that analysis is a world of capability and expertise that spans the local, regional and global fixed-income markets. Capital market participants recognise Fitch Ratings’ transparency in presenting its credit views.

Within emerging markets, Fitch Ratings has extensive knowledge of the Latin America region, and rates more entities in regional financial institutions, corporates, structured finance, and infrastructure sectors than any other agency.

The company’s credentials have been honed over many years. Fitch combines global expertise and local talents accumulating more than 27 years of local presence through a strong leadership and accomplished staff.

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Fitch Ratings Management Team in Latin America

Business Relationship Management

Carlos Fiorillo
Managing Director
BRM Head of Latin America, Mexico City

Kathleen Holtzman
Managing Director, Corporates, New York

Diego Alcazar
Senior Director, Financial Institutions, New York

Samuel Fox
Managing Director
Structured Finance & Infrastructure, Chicago

Fabio Astolfi
Senior Director
International Public Finance, Sao Paulo

Erick Campos
Managing Director, Central America, San Jose

Rafael Guedes
Managing Director
CBL and Investors – Southern Hub, Sao Paulo

Alejandro Bertuol
Managing Director, CBL and Investors – Pacific and Caribbean Hub, Bogota

Frank Laurents
Senior Director, Investors, New York

Analytical Team

Shelly Shetty
Senior Director, Americas Sovereigns, New York

Charles Sevilla
Senior Director, Americas Sovereigns, New York

Daniel Kastholm
Managing Director, Corporates, Chicago

Glaucia Calp
Managing Director
Global Infrastructure Ratings, Bogota

Maria Paula Moreno
Managing Director
Structured Finance, Bogota

Alejandro García
Managing Director
Financial Institutions, New York

Eduardo Recinos
Senior Director, Insurance, San Salvador

Davie Rodríguez
Senior Director
Fund & Asset Manager Ratings, New York

Gerardo Carrillo
Senior Director
International Public Finance, Mexico City

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