Swiss Can’t Miss with an Attitude like This — CEO’s Dedication Shines Through

Commercial property sector’s many facets polished to a lasting shine by PSP Swiss Property’s chief executive.

PSP Swiss Property is a major player in Switzerland’s commercial property market, with offices and buildings from Zurich to Geneva — and a portfolio value of some CHF10bn (£9.19bn). Giacomo Balzarini is the man at the helm of this empire; he took the chief executive’s position in April 2017 after 10 years as CFO. Under his guidance and leadership, PSP Swiss Property has delivered solid performances year after year — with steady increases in dividend payments and share price.

Giacomo Balzarini, CEO PSP Swiss Property

CEO: Giacomo Balzarini

PSP has always put great emphasis on sustainability, Balzarini and his team have taken that commitment to new levels by linking the company’s overall debt financing to a green asset portfolio.

In terms of management style, Giacomo Balzarini has always understood the value of strong teams. The co-operative and creative teamwork he has fostered form the cornerstone of the company’s enduring success. His informed and fact-based decision-making combines with excellent communication at all levels.

Balzarini has created a working environment based on mutual trust and respect. He has full confidence in his staff, and that allows him to delegate — not just tasks, but responsibility. He wants his people to be critical as well as creative, constantly striving to drive the company forward. Balzarini’s input and leadership were decisive factors when PSP secured a coveted “Great Place to Work” award.

Giacomo Balzarini’s vision for the commercial property sector goes beyond bricks, mortar, steel and concrete; he wants the company’s buildings to be tangible sources of inspiration and innovation. He sees that state-of-the-art, future-orientated spaces as optimal working environments that inspire people. His focus is always on the long term, considering stakeholder ambitions — and that means all stakeholders, from co-workers and tenants to bond- and shareholders, as well as the needs of society and the environment.

It’s an attitude and a work ethic that have proven a winning formula for PSP Swiss Property over the years — and one that promises to take it from strength to strength in the future.

Giacomo Balzarini, who studied economics at the University of Zurich and earned an MBA from the University of Chicago, considers all aspects of his sector — not just profit. He is more than just “a company man” — and is active on the board of a charitable foundation. His drive and enthusiasm extend beyond the PSP Swiss Property brief to concern for the world about us.

His professionalism has not gone unnoticed: he was named CFO of the Year by the CFO Forum Switzerland, an association of more than 500 CFOs, in 2015. He focuses on capital management and corporate finance, having held senior positions at Union Bank of Switzerland and Swiss Re. Balzarini is active at an international level as chair of the Best Practices Committee of the European Public Real Estate Association EPRA (Brussels), and holds the same position at the EPRA Accounting and Reporting Committee.

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