Wilhelm Celeda: Charting the Future — with Clients at the Very Centre of Our Universe

Wilhelm Celeda, chief executive of Kathrein Privatbank, on the forces and values galvanising change at the institution.

In an era defined by digital transformation, staying ahead requires continuous innovation and a keen understanding of evolving customer needs.

CEO: Wilhelm Celeda

CEO: Wilhelm Celeda

At Kathrein Privatbank, we’ve taken major strides to revolutionise and streamline the banking experience — and our clients are at the centre of any transformative advance.

Digitalisation is the cornerstone of a superior customer experience, and we’ve long been committed to that. Our focus has been on developing tools and services to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions. In response to the changing financial services landscape, we offer smooth and efficient digital securities trading. Our CommuniKATE platform has become integral to this.

Active Asset Management

In times of poly-crises, the benefits of active asset management swiftly become evident. Kathrein Privatbank constantly adapts strategies to navigate emerging complexities and uncertainties, ensuring resilience and responsiveness. Since mid-2023, our relationship managers (RMs) employ a state-of-the-art portfolio analysis tool: PIA.

PIA simplifies complex calculations, allowing for the building, optimisation, and comparison of portfolios. It facilitates real-time portfolio checks, identifying weaknesses — and opportunities. In client interactions, PIA enables RMs to respond promptly to spontaneous input, ensuring our advice is perfectly aligned with each client’s risk profile.

We’ve enhanced our product offerings with a new dividend strategy on an individual securities basis. This combines criteria focused on dividend potential and quality, emphasising broad diversification — even in more defensive equity strategies. Our commitment to innovation extends to the Kathrein Private Markets Platform, allowing clients to effortlessly, digitally, and flexibly invest in global private equity markets.

With exclusive access to a curated selection of international funds, the platform brings to bear a rigorous selection process conducted by our expert private equity team and our partner, Moonfare.

Holistic Wealth Management

With Family Konsult, we consolidate our expertise in succession planning, family and entrepreneurial wealth, and foundations. Our holistic consulting approach aids clients in structuring, passing on, or dedicating their wealth to philanthropic causes. The recently extended Family Konsult team combines discretion, expertise and experience to give clients comprehensive support and peace-of-mind.

Talking of our holistic approach, we must make mention of our ongoing commitment to sustainability. That is unwavering, and this year, we’re proud to offer clients the opportunity to acquire LBMA-certified sustainable gold — without additional charges. Kathrein Privatbank is one of the first private banks to provide such a service, aligning with the growing demand for environmentally conscious investment options. Above and beyond that, we’ve expanded the already strict ESG standards that apply to more than half of all Kathrein Investment Funds.

Kathrein Privatbank’s journey of continuous evolution has been guided by a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and client-centric solutions. We remain dedicated to providing unparalleled financial services.

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