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Asian Development Bank: Towards a Blue Deal to Restore the World’s Oceans

Investments in recovering and maintaining a functioning marine ecosystem can form the foundation of a sustainable “blue economy.” Marine ecosystems are threatened by extinction. Over the past 50 years, the world has lost nearly half of its coral reefs and

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Q&A with Chairman of Eriell Group and Enter Engineering: Bakhtiyor Fazilov

Please, tell us a little about yourself. How did you reach your current position? As you may understand, it is not easy to talk about oneself, especially for a person in my position. I was born in Samarkand. After school

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World Bank Group Unveils New Initiatives in Investment Policy and Promotion

For many developing countries, foreign direct investment (FDI) has become the largest source of external finance, surpassing official development assistance, remittances, or portfolio investment flows. In 2016, more than 40% of the nearly $1.75 trillion of global FDI flows was

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The Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility (LoCAL) of UNCDF: Climate Change Impacts on Natural and Human Systems

“For women, the road was crucial. It was hard to deliver babies because of access: we had to go to the hospital by boat – it was risky. And also for the children, floods made it impossible for them to

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African Governments Invest in Skills in Sciences, Engineering, and Technology

President Macky Sall of Senegal launches a new Regional Scholarship and Innovative Fund in Johannesburg, South Africa, in June 2015. $5 million committed by African governments and African Business Champions for Science to award 10,000 PhDs scholarships over ten years.

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Banco Nacional de Angola: Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing

January 12, 2016, Luanda, Angola: The National Bank of Angola (BNA) today announced that it is implementing a series of actions to strengthen anti-money -laundering (AML) compliance and combat the financing of terrorism (FT) in the Angolan financial system. Responding

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