IBM: Best Shareholder Engagement United States 2021

“Leadership is not a birthright – it takes perpetual reinvention”. These are the words of Arvind Krishna, CEO and chairman

Lockheed Martin: Most Innovative NextGen Technology Solutions Global 2021

The Osiris Rex space probe, designed, built and flown by Lockheed Martin scientists and engineers, is currently speeding homewards having

Mercedes-Benz: Best Automotive Branding Europe 2021

Das beste oder nichts – the best or nothing, a powerful slogan which defines the Mercedes-Benz philosophy. When the global

ICICI Bank UK: Best International Digital Banking UK 2021

ICICI Bank UK was established to enable the global Indian community to conduct cross-border business with ease. Founded in 2003,

BP Plc: Best ESG Oil & Gas Operator Global 2021

BP is one of the largest energy, oil and gas companies in the world with revenues of $183.5bn in 2020.

Royal Bank of Canada: Best Private Banking Services Canada 2021

RBC is the largest bank in Canada and offers diversified financial services in the country and around the world. Its

Credit Suisse: Best Wealth Management Services Europe 2021

In uncertain times it’s a natural instinct to want to protect your wealth – for the benefit of your family.

Moody’s de Mexico SA de CV: Best Risk Analysis Latin America 2021

Moody’s coverage in Mexico includes around 50 corporates and financial institutions, plus over 100 funds, asset managers, sub-sovereigns, and finance

National Bank of Poland: Best Central Bank Governance Europe 2021

The panel of jurors and editors of (Capital Finance International), a prestigious international journal reporting on business, economics and

ING Bank (Philippines): Best Wholesale Banking Services Philippines 2021

ING Bank (Philippines) has been providing wholesale banking services in the Philippines since 1990. Since that time, it has built

SegurCaixa Adeslas: Best Insurer Spain 2021

SegurCaixa Adeslas is a leading health insurer in Spain, where strict Covid measures have included a three-month national lockdown, border

BBVA Asset Management: Most Responsible Investment Management Team Spain 2021

BBVA Asset Management (AM) has set out to integrate sustainability commitments throughout every aspect of the organisation. BBVA asset managers