Vector Casa de Bolsa: Five Decades Driving the Growth of the Mexican Economy

As Vector Casa de Bolsa approaches its 50th anniversary, it is time to reflect on the company’s remarkable journey and enduring impact on the country’s economy. Vector Casa de Bolsa has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration, helping shape the financial landscape of Mexico and contribute to economic growth.

CEO Edgardo Cantú

President & CEO: Edgardo Cantú

A Legacy of Trust

Established in 1974, Vector Casa de Bolsa quickly made a name for itself as a leading player in the Mexican financial sector, earning a reputation for high standards of service and providing clients with comprehensive financial solutions. The company’s strong financials, diversified business model, and experienced management team have consistently attracted investors, helping to boost economic activity and promote market stability.

At the heart of Vector Casa de Bolsa’s success lies its diversified business model, which encompasses a range of services catering to the needs of institutional and retail investors. Vector Casa de Bolsa, the only 100 percent Mexican financial institution, operates in 11 countries.

Its brokerage arm provides access to a wide array of financial instruments, while its investment banking division facilitates mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, and other transactions that drive economic growth. Vector Casa de Bolsa’s asset management arm offers a variety of products tailored to various risk profiles and investment objectives, helping individuals and institutions achieve their long-term financial goals.

Vector 50

A Commitment to Innovation & Collaboration

Vector Casa de Bolsa has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, embracing new technologies to enhance its services and provide a superior client experience. The company has invested heavily in cutting-edge platforms and applications that provide real-time market data, trading tools, and investment analysis: empowering clients to make informed decisions and manage their portfolios effectively.

Vector Casa de Bolsa is the only brokerage firm to have an open innovation ecosystem comprising 6,000 fintech companies from 32 countries across four continents.  The goal of the ecosystem is to develop partnerships that accelerate digital business.

Significantly, this is the only brokerage firm to have developed its own metaverse as a meeting point for the world’s top innovators.

Vector Casa de Bolsa has a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence, its initial product being SofIA, the first virtual assistant fully developed with generative AI in the LatAm brokerage sector.

Vector Casa de Bolsa has also played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and partnership within the Mexican financial community. The company has actively participated in industry initiatives and associations, working alongside regulators, other financial institutions, and all participants to promote market development, enhance transparency, and protect investor interests.

Advancing Corporate Social Responsibility

PCR Verum considers that Vector observes ESG factors at a level above average, highlighting that year after year it seeks to increase its positive impact on society. Favorably, over the past eighteen months, the brokerage firm has already consolidated the formation of an ESG leadership team with the aim of fully incorporating these principles at the institutional level, seeking to impact favorably all stakeholders related to the company (primarily its employees and clients). This leadership team, made up of members representing all areas of the brokerage firm, has generated a materiality study that allowed it to establish 12 priority topics to strengthen the Vector25 institutional strategy.

While the ESG leadership team works hand in hand with the Brokerage Firm’s Management Committee to communicate everything related to the ESG topic, it also collaborates with the planning area to define ESG KPIs and thus keep a precise track of the organization’s progress towards integrating these topics.

On the other hand, Vector Asset Management, responsible for the management and commercialization of institutional investment strategies (funds and investment portfolios), is currently a member of the Green Finance Advisory Council (CCFV) in order to promote the professionalization of participants in the financial system in green finance topics.

A Driving Force for Economic Growth

Throughout its 50-year history, Vector Casa de Bolsa has played a significant role in driving the growth of the Mexican economy. The company’s expertise in investment banking and asset management has also helped to attract foreign investment, and channel funds into the country, thus creating jobs and stimulating economic activity. Vector Casa de Bolsa’s commitment to providing dependable financial advice and guidance to businesses and individuals has also contributed to improved decision-making, increased investment, and overall prosperity.

A Symbol of Stability and Resilience

When Mexico faced economic challenges and periods of uncertainty, Vector Casa de Bolsa demonstrated its resilience and commitment to provide stability and support to financial markets. The company’s strong financial position, experienced management team, and focus on innovation have allowed it to navigate difficult times and emerge stronger, continuing to play a vital role in supporting the Mexican economy.

Industry Recognition

The many domestic, regional, and global awards made to Vector Casa de Bolsa reflect its powerful industry standing. Tributes over the years include those from BloombergThompson ReutersMundo Ejecutivo, and Consensus Economics, Morning Star. In 2023, Vector Casa de Bolsa was named Most Innovative Financial Broker Mexico by Capital Finance International.

A Legacy of Growth

As Vector Casa de Bolsa embarks on its next 50 years, it is poised to build on its legacy of growth and innovation, driving economic development and contributing to the continued well-being of Mexico. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, its dedication to clients, and its wholehearted support of the national economy, Vector Casa de Bolsa is well-positioned to play a major role in shaping the financial landscape of Mexico for another five decades and more.

The origin of Vector began in 1974 with the founding of the brokerage firm “Sociedad Bursátil Mexicana” (then known as Soburmex). Fourteen years after its founding, investors from Monterrey led by Alfonso Romo acquired the company in 1987, thus evolving into Vector Casa de Bolsa, a concept that indicates direction, meaning, and magnitude. Vector’s presence in the country began strongly in the 1990s, with very positive results in its performance and forming the foundations and values that the brokerage firm represents today, through a solid network of wealth promoters and collaborators committed to the country’s economic growth.

Facing the new millennium and the challenges and opportunities it posed for the company, Edgardo Cantú Delgado was appointed CEO by Alfonso Romo in 2003 and upon entering, he designed a strengthening plan. Under Edgardo Cantú’s leadership, Vector increased its performance, strengthened its stock market operations, and restructured its corporate operations at the national level. In addition, Vector focused on international growth and the mission of becoming a global company.

In its early days, Vector was a compact company, with around 40 people on its payroll, consisting of the General Management, a small Promotion network, the IT area, and Human Capital; today, Vector has more than 1,000 employees nationwide and internationally, operates in 11 countries, its custodial assets exceed $15 billions USD in a consolidated manner, and represent the investments of more than 60,000 clients in 20 countries around the world.

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