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If SDGs are to be delivered effectively, there needs to be a concerted effort to demonstrate the business case. SDGs must not be considered purely as philanthropic programmes. believes that more must be done to highlight the business opportunities SDGs represent. Estimates vary, but we believe the methodology used by the Business Commission to estimate the value of these opportunities at US$12 trillion per annum is highly credible.

We were shocked when KPMG reported in 2018 that of the world’s 250 largest companies only 101 mention SDGs in their corporate reporting and of these just eight make the business case for the SDGs. Our aim is to identify strong business reasons for delivering SDGs and bring them to the attention of corporate leaders. award programmes have been running since 2012 and highlight examples of top performance around the world. Historically our awards have been based on actively seeking independent nominations for excellence and, so far, we have honoured organisations in well over 100 countries.

Given the importance of delivering the SDGs, is now using its resources to identify the commercial trail blazers who have SDGs among their core values. has built strong relationships with the multilaterals as well as many thousands of corporate leaders, and tens of thousands of members of the general public worldwide – all of whom have a stake in the delivery of SDGs. Since early 2022, we have been asking this audience to name commercial organisations they feel are truly making an impact. Our objective is to identify strong business cases for each SDG and use these examples to help inform the wider business community.

Following suggestions from our audience, and making use of publicly available information, our research team is now in the process of identifying companies as business case examples for each of the 17 SDGs. While we recognise that many companies are working to deliver multiple SDGs, we will only be highlighting the one SDG (except in exception circumstances) for which the company has made the best business case.

We have never accepted self-nominations for any award programme, but if you feel there is an organisation we should be considering, please email It would help if you email from a non-generic address so we can clearly identify you.

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