BBE’s CEO & MD Victor van der Kwast: AI is Certainly Coming to Banking Sector — It’s All About Integration

BBE’s CEO and managing director Victor van der Kwast initiated an all-encompassing, digitally focused transformation journey in 2020.

It has been challenging and intense for BBE at times, but the trajectory has been marked by impressive impacts on efficiency and growth across its three branches.

BBE’s CEO & Manading Director Victor van der Kwast: AI is Certainly Coming to Banking Sector — It’s All About Integration

BBE’s CEO & Manading Director: Victor van der Kwast

Despite a wealth of traditional banking experience, van der Kwast identifies as an entrepreneur — and one who knows how to heed his clients and address the needs of his organisation. His day-to-day role is infused with an almost “start-up spirit”, and an unlimited mindset to help navigate the path.

The chief executive remains dedicated to steering a course towards steady transformation.

Reflecting on the markets that BBE chooses to work with, van der Kwast admits that the bank is only now netting the results — embracing the transformational trend of the digital world. The emergence of AI technologies can definitely be beneficial for a bank and fits BBE as a way to pursuit its efficiency and innovation, the CEO says.

“I am immersed in the realm of AI-backed tools, witnessing the impactful and revolutionary changes they bring to the everyday activity of the workforce.”

“But,” he adds, “I believe there are inherent limitations to the technology.” While harnessing AI can be beneficial, it must be integrated into daily routines. “The limitations touch those aspects of the business that create value by maintaining the human connection,” says van der Kwast.

“Building meaningful networks and connections with digital tools is not new, but it can’t yet replace the real ‘classic’ conversation or face-to-face interactions. This is a strategic opportunity that organisations need to consider when deciding where and how best to incorporate AI into their everyday.”

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