Pioneering Spirit, Boldness, and a Deep Understanding of ‘Unity’

Nordic firm United Bankers has history and success behind it — and a great future ahead. 

Helsinki-based United Bankers set out to be a pioneer in real-asset investing for Nordic countries — and to expand its activities across Europe. 



Over the past four decades, the firm has built an impressive amount of know-how, which, points out CEO Patrick Anderson, “is great to export to the European market”.

The expertise accumulated in the forestry industry and renewable energy fields has served it well — as has its deep understanding of real-asset investment.

“We seek to build on the success of our fund portfolio, built around real asset investments,” says Anderson, “and on our expertise in forest management and the forestry sector.

“Even in volatile market conditions, real-asset-focused solutions, as well as our newer funds investing in private equity and renewable energy provide stable performance.”

This is a company which knows how to adapt, as well. “What used to cover 100 percent of the company’s revenue and profits 25 years ago, now covers one percent. The company started as a pure brokerage house and has undergone significant structural and strategic changes to become a real asset-focused wealth manager.”

A sustained focus on sustainability is driving United Bankers into the future — and responsible investment is at the core of all its activities. “That’s reflected in the company’s product range, which aims to find profitable investments that also take into account the environment and society,” the chief exec says.

United Bankers was among the first financial institutions in Finland to commit to setting short- and long-term climate targets under the Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative. The aim is for the carbon sequestration of investment portfolios to exceed the greenhouse gas emissions of investments by 2030. The firm’s goal is to achieve net-zero emissions by the end of 2050.

Times have been tough for just about everyone, over recent years, but resilience is built-in at United Bankers. “At the moment, geopolitical risks are elevated,” says Anderson, “but otherwise we are in a normal economic environment. Changes in market conditions are a reality. We have the courage to take advantage of tough situations, and the ability to adapt.”

United Bankers is a pioneer of Nordic forestry investments. The significant role of forestry in the business differentiates the corporate set-up from other financial players

“The competition in Finland is constant, creating new opportunities as United Bankers changes to meet challenges and opportunities, for example in M&A,” notes Anderson.

“Finland and the Nordic countries are a relatively small market, but we are expanding internationally. Private equity funds will be our spearhead products; we’re growing business organically, and through acquisitions.”

United Bankers is majority-owned by its staff, management, and the board of directors. Management and staff are committed and connected via an ownership stake of nearly 60 percent.

“And management is committed to increasing shareholder value through its holdings,” says Anderson. “United Bankers is in many ways like a family business, united in name and nature.” The largely unchanged management structure, and low staff turnover, reflect that.

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