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Energean – E&P Company with a Clear Conscience: Committed to Carbon Emissions Cuts

Energean is a gas-focused independent exploration and production (E&P) company — the first in the world to commit to a 2050 zero emissions target and is now looking to significantly accelerate that. ESG and sustainable development are central to Energean’s

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Kate Ahern: It’s ESG All the Way for Female-led Firm Dedicated to Positive Change

‘Pick good companies and then help to make them even better’ — the firm’s role, in a nutshell, by head of ESG Kate Ahern Cartica Management is predominantly owned and led by women, and the firm’s go-ahead attitude consistently attracts

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Emily Alejos, CIO at Cartica: Leading the Way in ESG Investing in the Emerging Markets

Emily Alejos joined Cartica Management as Co-CIO in April 2018 after a nationwide search for a talented and experienced investor in emerging markets. Alejos was the perfect hire for Cartica, a proven investor and leader and a great cultural fit.

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Cartica’s ‘Secret Sauce’: Female Leadership, Humility, and Action

Teresa Barger spent 21 years at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) investing in emerging market companies around the world. At the IFC, she held the positions of division manager for Africa, deputy director of investment review, director of private equity and

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Caoilionn Hurley – Listener, Learner, Thinker, Chief: Secrets of an MD in conversation with Caoilionn Hurley, managing director of Co-op Legal Services. What excites you about the business world in general? There is always something new to try, whether it is capturing the market with new legal services or digital

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Co-op Legal Services: Opportunity and Optimism Abound in the Exciting Legal Services Sector

Co-op Legal Services, which is part of the Co-op Group, offers legal advice and services for estate planning, probate, family, employment and serious injury compensation and is a leading provider of digital legal services. puts questions to managing director

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Anadi Bank: Hybrid Bank Rises From the Ashes — and Flies

Austrian Anadi Bank is a regional Austrian bank that originated from the crisis-stricken Hypo Alpe Adria Bank. In 2013, the healthy Austrian business of the troubled banking group was acquired by Anadi Financial Holdings owned by a British-Indian investor, the

Read More Meets the CEO of Austrian Anadi Bank – Christian Kubitschek: “FinTech and Full-Service Bank is Not a Contradiction”

In July 2020, Christian Kubitschek became CEO of Austrian Anadi Bank. Before his assignment, Kubitschek was founding Board Member at bank99, CFO and Deputy CEO at Addiko Group and Sberbank Europe Group and had held senior leadership positions in institutions

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Interview with Colin Sharp, C2FO SVP EMEA: Feeding the Engine Room of Economies, Maintaining Diversity, and Ensuring that an Efficient Supply Chain is Rewarded

“The way to build economies,” says Colin Sharp, C2FO’s senior vice president for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), “is through SMEs. Everyone recognises that SMEs are the engine room for the growth of economies.” That’s never been more true

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Vladislav Gounas: Whenever in Doubt, Choose Passive Over Active Investing

Vladislav Gounas, director of quantitative investment solutions at Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office AG, has years of experience in strategic asset allocation and risk-management. Over his time with the family office, he has consulted with, and advised, high-net-worth individuals, foundations, and

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