A One-Day Commitment for a Lifetime of Freedom

The gateway to a Greek golden visa in just one day? Emelia Beeson reports on a rapid route to the European dream…

Picture the scene, just months from now… You’re at a beautiful beach, minutes from the ruins that gave birth to democracy. In your hands lies a document giving you and your family the freedom of movement that many people can only dream of…


The document is a Greek golden visa. European residency begins with a smart investment — and a one-day business trip.

“Greece has become a hotspot for foreign investment, both private and institutional,” says John Hunter, residency and citizenship specialist at Holborn Assets. “There are huge perks, and there’s been a surge in demand. We have access to golden visas from €255,000. Many other entry points start at €500,000.”

There’s no minimum-stay requirement for a golden visa. You only need to be in Greece for a single day — to provide biometric data — and the rest of the application process can be completed remotely.

From that point, it takes an average of just two months to receive a “blue paper”, a receipt confirming submission of the application. This entitles the holder to all the benefits of the full visa, and serves as a temporary residency permit until the golden visa is issued.

From as little as two months after this step, you and your family have the right to travel visa-free across the 26 European Countries in the Schengen area. You can open a business and trade freely with the rest of Europe. In Greece, family is everything: “Your family” covers you, your spouse, your children, stepchildren, siblings, and grandparents — even the grandparents of your spouse.

Even for those with no intention of permanently relocating to Europe, as long as the visa is renewed — and the initial investment maintained — the reward is lifetime residency in Greece. After seven years, you’ll be eligible for EU citizenship — one year less for children if they attend a Greek curriculum school.

With citizenship comes the right to live, work and study in any EU country — and the ability to travel visa-free to 128 countries around the world.

Holborn Assets is a trusted wealth management partner with a 100 percent success rate for golden visa applications — and rated excellent on Trustpilot.

John Hunter

“We help you to choose your investments wisely, and secure your eligibility for a Greek golden visa,” John Hunter says. “We invest with only the most reputable partners to deliver you the best options for your portfolio, and your family.”

All this from a one-day business trip — what are you waiting for…?

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