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Pragmatic Play CEO Julian Jarvis: On Leadership, Business Excellence and iGaming Regulatory Trends

Julian Jarvis has over 20 years’ experience working in some of the leading online businesses: America Online and AOL Time Warner, PartyGaming Plc — which he helped take onto the FTSE 100 in 2005. Now Jarvis is chief executive of

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As Spain and Argentina Team Up, Royal Navy Sets Sail for Gibraltar

A significant chunk of the Royal Navy has set sail for the Mediterranean and the Gulf region on what is billed a “routine deployment”. The British fleet now underway is to engage in a long series of exercises – collectively

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Reef of Contention: Spain Talks Tough on Gibraltar

The Spanish government is taking a cue from Argentina: Whenever beset by apparently insurmountable problems and tanking approval ratings, find some external issue in order to rally the nation around the flag. In times of domestic troubles, successive Argentine governments

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