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Artificial Intelligence in FinTech

From Product Marketing, through RoboAdvice, Compliance and Fraud Detection activities, Artificial Intelligence is finding its place, but for the forseeable future will make more efficient, rather than replace human activities. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been getting a lot of attention

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Calestous Juma: A Biotech Revolution for Africa

In western countries, the genetic modification of crops is often seen as a threat to the environment. Professor Calestous Juma takes a contrarian view: he is a keen advocate of biotechnology and its potential to transform African economies. The dynamic

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Strategy&: Gaining a Competitive Edge in Africa

Worldwide, companies have begun to make expansion across Africa a priority, recognising that – despite many problems – the continent is amongst the fastest-growing regions in the world. Africa is poised for long-term economic growth: the continent has 600 million

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Troy Wiseman: Bamboo – A Sustainable Source of Fibre

Over the last ten years, REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) and REDD+ developments have proved that the price attributed to, and the willingness to pay for, forest based ecosystem services – whether through compliance or voluntary schemes

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World Bank to Promote High-Quality Innovations in Kazakhstan

The World Bank Group’s Board of Executive Directors today approved a US$88 million loan to help Kazakhstan foster innovation by promoting high-quality nationally relevant research and commercialization of technologies. The Fostering Productive Innovation Project will contribute to improving critical areas, such

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