Peace-of-Mind for Financial Services Industry in 2024

In an industry where compliance is crucial, misplaced security ‘can be an operational death sentence’.

Digital workspace solutions firm Espria is hosting a series of IT industry conversations this year, covering security, document solutions, communications, and automation.


It will work with key IT partners to discuss a variety of topics, driven by webinar attendees, to help businesses across sectors to find suitable tech solutions.

The first webinar — with insights from Xerox, Ikonic, and Sophos — took place on January 18, with the ongoing goal of providing peace-of-mind to the financial and professional services industries.

Espria CTO Dave Adamson said the outreach marks the start of direct communication with business leaders via screens. Following the challenges of 2023, organisations were feeling the need for security, safety and reassurance that their infrastructure is well maintained, he said — with the company’s best interests at heart.

“We’re looking forward to collaborating with industry experts in a range of discussions, led by our audience, aimed at providing perspective and insights about the future of IT solutions,” he said. “We’re aiming to facilitate discussion on modern business problems, tailored to a variety of key sectors.

A sense of security is a critical factor for business leaders: knowing their security posture is robust, their system and tools optimised, and their team is able to focus on the core needs of the business.

“With 2024 marking the start of further business expansion and upscaling, ensuring IT systems are ready and able to face the challenges ahead is vital,” said Adamson.

“For the financial services industry, where compliance is critical, misplaced security can be an operational death sentence.”

Maintaining confidence that a business is safe from attack is a constant struggle for business leaders and their tech teams. They are looking for “quality, trustworthy providers”, Adamson added. Outsourcing, AI and automation could provide the reassurance that a team of experts, equipped with the right technology, “have their eye on what’s coming over the horizon”.

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