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Breakthrough Cancer Treatment Technology Established on All Continents

Richard Hausmann, PhD, took over as CEO of Elekta in June 2016, and has taken bold steps to introduce paradigm-shifting technologies into radiation oncology. Dr. Hausmann was instrumental in the final development, launch and commercial success of Elekta Unity, the

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Strength at the Helm: Vital for Progress in a Tough and Challenging Environment

Arbah Capital’s management, counting on a team of seasoned professionals, is definitely on track to deliver superior results with its newly formulated strategy. The senior management comprises of visionary leaders, highly-skilled through their experience and diversity in their respective sphere

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More Than Profits for Thailand’s Government Pension Fund: Thai Guideline to Maximise Returns and Remain True to Spirit of Responsibility

The role of secretary general to Thailand’s Government Pension Fund means Vitai Ratanakorn is entrusted with fiduciary responsibility to the pension’s members. His role is to ensure that the fund maximise profits for all members. Ratanakorn, however, thinks he can

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Simon Tribelhorn: Sustainability Matters

The Principality of Liechtenstein and its financial centre take a holistic approach to sustainability, aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. “Climate change” is a term on everyone’s lips, and a fourth summer of record heat in a relatively new

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An Exclusive Interview with Gabriel Chaleplis, Founder: The Leader That Makes Leaders

What helps to differentiate you from the competition? Gabriel Chaleplis: Since the beginning of the internet, platform-providers around the globe faced a crucial challenge: Online betting and gaming can be a market of minute margins. In the last 20-plus years,

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Mobile Phone Purchase that Turned Trading Downside Up

Aquis Exchange founder and CEO Alasdair Haynes had his Eureka moment while buying a mobile phone for his son, Alexander, then aged 13, in Tunbridge Wells, England. Young Alexander “wanted the latest iPhone with unlimited everything”, of course. Alexander (now

Read More Meets the CEO and Founder of Auka: Daniel Döderlein

Norwegian native, fintech pioneer and Top 200 European fintech influencer, Daniel Döderlein is the CEO and founder of Auka. He has more than twenty years of entrepreneurial experience in the fields of IT, product development, advertising, and financial services. He

Read More Meets the CEO of Montpensier Finance: Guillaume Dard

Performance arises from the union of talent and method. This is the conviction of Montpensier Finance, based on a long experience of investment and a resolutely entrepreneurial culture. With over € 2 billion in assets under management, this independent management

Read More Meets the CEO and Founder of Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management: Hanno Schoklitsch

Renewable energy investors need service providers who are familiar with the investment landscape at a local level, can adapt to the latest technologies, and have a clear vision of market evolution and regulations. Hanno Schoklitsch, CEO and founder of Kaiserwetter

Read More Meets the VP & MD of CCL Secure: Bernhard Imbach

Bernhard Imbach has experienced almost every aspect of the banknote industry throughout his successful career over the last 35 years. Starting on the shop floor and working up to senior management; designing banknotes by hand to using computer-based technology; and

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