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Nazca: Meet the Team Keeping Entrepreneurs on Track

Nazca professionals have the qualifications and verve to keep things moving in Latin America. Héctor Sepúlveda Co-founder and Managing Partner Hector Sepúlveda co-founded Intangible, the first Mexican “company builder” in 2013, and went on to co-found venture capital firm Nazca

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Leading the Field in Services for the Indonesian Financial Market

IDClear — aka PT Kliring Penjaminan Efek Indonesia — was established in 1996 as a clearing and guarantee institution, or central counterparty (CCP), for the Indonesian capital market. Its vision is to become the leading clearing and guarantee institution known

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Michael Scherb: Opportunities Galore in Mining for Those with Long Investment Horizons

“Look around and almost everything you see comes from mining.” For Michael Scherb, it was a lightbulb moment that the mining industry is where the supply and value chains start. That insight, though obvious once expressed, is still often overlooked,

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Appian Capital Advisory: Sustainability in Mining – Where the Energy Transition Starts

Although they bring many benefits, mining companies have long been criticised for their environmental practices. Despite its best efforts, the sector has had a less than spotless record of cleaning up after itself. Only recently have miners begun assessing their Read More

Nazca’s Backing is Driving Latin American Success Stories

Nazca takes investee companies through the gamut of development to create socially and environmentally efficient enterprises. Venture capital firm Nazca was founded with a clear purpose: to back bold entrepreneurs in Spanish-speaking Latin America. Nazca seeks out transformative, technology-enabled businesses

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The World is Too Complex to Become Lazy — and Challenges Bring Chances

Bedrock Group partner David Joory focuses on investment management. Here he discusses his daily motivation. Investment management is a challenge for any company. At Bedrock Group, we always keep a finger on the pulse because the world is too complex

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Strategy, Structure, Shared Purpose: There are Rules to Protecting Family Wealth

Bedrock Group partner Maurice Ephrati outlines his philosophy for family governance and next-generational financial education. The key ingredients for successful multi-generational wealth management go beyond investment management. We see those keys to wealth protection and successful generational transition as having:

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Shifting Market Drivers: a Moving Target Requires a Comprehensive Focus

Bedrock Group’s range of private equity investments includes opportunities across real estate and private technology. Shifting market drivers and global events have increased our focus on these types of investment opportunities. For example: The Covid-19 health crisis has left the

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Janashakthi Life Reinforces Its Commitment to Delivering Excellence with Exceptional Performance

Sri Lanka’s Janashakthi Life puts its staff and customers front and centre to ensure exceptional performance.  Janashakthi Life is one of Sri Lanka’s leading insurers, established with the aim of providing protection and financial security to the island nation’s residents.

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Dr Rak Vorrakitpokatorn: Taking the Steps to Sustainability

Until fairly recently, the global community strived for economic gains while ignoring environmental, social and community impacts. Extreme climate change has triggered natural disasters and destroyed live and land, with losses from damage reaching $2.5tn, according to the World Economic

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