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Air Travel Growth Continues to be Driven by BRICS Members and South East Asia

Asia leads the world’s growth in air travel and holds seven out of the ten busiest inter-city routes. In addition to the BRIC markets, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Chile showed an impressive growth, according to analysis by the market intelligence

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Investing in São Paulo

Welcome to a world of opportunities! Exciting information about the state of São Paulo. There are a lot of bussiness opportunities in this well developed region of Brazil, from agriculture to high-end technology, this state boast the best conditions for

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Forbes: Brazil’s Booming Economy Is Creating 19 ‘Millionaires’ Every Day

Brazil has been adding 19 ‘millionaires’ per day since 2007 — and that statistic will likely be repeated over the next three years as Latin America’s economic super-power continues to deliver stellar GDP growth and consumption rates, according to bankers.

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CFI Top 25 Most Powerful Individuals in Emerging Markets 2012

Few will argue about Vladimir Putin being the most powerful man in emerging markets this year. On the back of his long term track record of domestic economic success and foreign policy strengths, he will soon be re-elected as President

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CFI Top 40 Billionaires in Emerging Markets 2012

The list is dominated by billionaires from the BRIC economies (65% out of the total number of billionaires). Of these, the Russian (and one Ukrainian) makes up more than half of the billionaires from BRIC economies and 38% of the

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Indonesia To Top “Happy Index”

Indonesian are the world’s most content people according to new research. Emerging markets and half of the BRIC economies (represented by India 2nd, and Brazil 4th) are top 4 in the recently published well-being or “Happiness” ranking. Mexico came 3rd.

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