Grupo T-Solar – The Generation Game: In 2020, That Means CSR, Environment, Efficiency and Opportunities for All Employees

Grupo T-Solar – a leading independent renewable power producer and asset manager – generated more than 595 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of clean electricity in 2019.

Archidona PV plant

Archidona PV plant

The company has an enviable record in the development and operation of renewable power plants – 53 of them – with almost 400 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity in Spain, Italy, Peru, Japan, USA and India.

Grupo T-Solar focuses on the European market, with 92 percent of its assets in Spain and Italy. Including recent divestments in Japan and US, the company manages more than €1.9bn in renewable assets.

T-Solar is a vertically integrated platform with extensive, long-standing, in-house expertise across the value chain: development, financing, construction management, project management, and operations of solar (PV and CSP) powerplants.

An experienced and well-qualified management team controls the development, financing, management and operation of energy assets.

A cohesive 35-strong T-Solar team – engineers, business administrators, lawyers and financial experts – has been working together for 13 years to achieve these results.

Grupo T-Solar has broad experience in setting-up new business and developing new markets and projects, with recognised achievements in all the key areas of renewable business.

It has a strong international profile with experience in markets including Spain, Italy, the US, India, Japan, Peru, Puerto Rico and South Africa. Deep technical knowledge of renewables – in particular solar technology – has focused on project development and the optimisation of operational and financing structures.

Grupo T-Solar Asset Portfolio

Since 2008, Grupo T-Solar has positioned itself as an independent renewable energy leader with a develop-to-own strategy. The objective is to maximise value from its existing portfolio and develop a pipeline of utility-scale projects – while retaining operational and financial discipline.

“We want to consolidate and strengthen our presence in the renewable energy markets through the investment in high-quality projects increasing our current installed capacity,” says CEO Marta Martínez.

Spain: Arnedo PV Power Plant

Spain: Arnedo PV Power Plant

Group with a Mission

Grupo T-Solar concentrates its efforts and business activity on solar energy, one of the most important, affordable and clean energy sources on the planet. It achieves this through continuous investment effort and collaboration with reliable partners. It remains committed to the development of a sustainable business in accordance with the highest ethical, moral and legal standards.

The vertically integrated platform offers extensive in-house expertise across the value chain. A disciplined approach to the acquisition of portfolios under operation, and the development of new projects, has led to attractive returns. “We focus on optimising operational and financing structures that deliver consistent dividend,” says Martínez. “To achieve those objectives, we leverage our relationship with Tier 1 suppliers and financing institutions.”

Italy: Constantino Paradiso PV plant

Italy: Constantino Paradiso PV plant

Energy Management Centre

Grupo T-Solar has developed an energy management centre (EMC) to conduct remote monitoring and operation of its power plants. The EMC is the core technical asset of the organisation, providing real- time 24/7 monitoring and remote control of powerplants worldwide from a centralised location.

It is equipped with the latest computing technology and a reliable telecommunications infrastructure to keep track of each plant’s performance. Additionally, the EMC is accredited by the grid operator in Spain (Red Eléctrica de España) to provide control-centre services The continuous follow-up and improvement of the powerplants’ performance keeps energy production at the optimal level and, at the same time, guarantees the return of the investment in the long term.

The improvement of plant availability through the early detection of failures assures the highest energy production levels.

Analysis of historical data optimises current performance and influences the design of new projects. There is also real-time, around-the-clock security surveillance through cameras and intrusion-detection mechanisms.

Grupo T-Solar’s CSR efforts are concentrated in a fight against climate change, and form a core part of the group’s corporate strategy. It has implemented an audited Environmental Management System and has programmes focused on reforestation, biodiversity and habitat protection.

Energy efficiency, sustainable resource planning and material optimisation initiatives are standard features of the organisation.

Grupo T-Solar is committed to local communities, and has implemented social initiatives and annual activities. The Social Support Fund in Peru, created in 2011, improves education in the area of the direct influence of the Majes and Repartición solar plants.

Grupo T-Solar also supports initiatives to provide access to drinking water, business training projects for young students, and academic research and training projects. It sponsors events to promote human rights with various NGOs, awareness of climate change, and – in 2020 – works with PICE Network for Energy Consumers to avoid energy poverty in Spain.

Committed to Employees

Grupo T-Solar promotes personal development plans, gender equality, and social volunteering action among its employees. The main initiatives for employees are the equality and conciliation initiative (efr), the talent development programme, coaching and team-building activities, and the group’s Health & Wellbeing programme.

United Nations Global Compact Initiative

The company is a signatory to the UN Global Compact Initiative, committed to promoting and implementing universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. It publishes and presents a Sustainability Report containing the progress of the implemented programmes and measures.

Meet the T-Solar Team

CEO: Marta Martínez

CEO: Marta Martínez

Marta Martínez is the CEO of T-Solar. She is an entrepreneur: co-founder of the telecommunications company Comunitel in 1998 (currently part of Vodafone) and of T-Solar in 2007. She started her career at PwC and held various management positions in the financial area of the automotive group Peugeot-Citroën.

Martínez specialises in developing and financing projects, and in M&A transactions. She became T-Solar’s chief executive in 2011 and was responsible for the firm’s internalisation process, currently present in six countries.

Marta Martínez is certified by the Spanish Board Directors Association (IC-A) in Good Corporate Governance.

“As an experienced manager and entrepreneur,” she says, “my goal is to detect business opportunities, create optimal conditions for their development, mitigating the risks and leading the teams to engage and deliver.

“To achieve the best results, we need the full involvement of the team. Creating an inspiring environment is the mission of every manager. This participative leadership is my contribution to the project, and it’s aligned with my way of being and thinking.”

Martínez is skilled in financing, M&A, processes definition and implementation, strategy, leadership and corporate governance. “I consider myself a lifelong learner, constantly embracing changes,” she says.

M&A & Business Development Director: Enrique Barbudo

M&A & Business Development Director: Enrique Barbudo

Enrique Barbudo is the M&A and business development director of Grupo T-Solar Global. He started his career in the telecommunication division of Siemens in Germany, and during his 15-year tenure he held technical, sales and business development positions. He also worked for Cisco Systems. Barbudo was a co-founder of T-Solar in 2007, responsible for business strategy implementation and the company’s international expansion leading project development until commercial operation date.

O&M Director: Jose Benito García

O&M Director: Jose Benito García

Jose Benito García is the O&M director at T-Solar. He started his career at Union Fenosa group in the field of the operation and management of powerplants. He later joined GdF Suez group (now Engie), responsible for co-generation plants. He joined T-Solar in 2008 and created the O&M department. He manages the operation of PV and CSP plants in Spain, Italy, Peru, the US, India and Japan. He has participated in the development and construction of renewable energy projects. He has in-depth knowledge of the legislative, technical, financial, contractual and administrative requirements and experience in the negotiation of large EPC and O&M contracts, as well as PPA agreements.

CFO: Manuel Fernández

CFO: Manuel Fernández

Manuel Fernández has been CFO of Grupo T-Solar since August 2017, in charge of the group’s overall financial management, embracing market related functions (trading, investments, structured finance and investor relations) as well as administration and control (accounting, planning and reporting, controlling, tax, and risk management). Fernández has a diverse 25-year professional background in capital-intensive sectors: chemicals (Dow Chemical Company), renewable energy (Torresol Energy and Sunedison), Infrastructures (Red Eléctrica). He has worked in Western Europe, the US, Latin America and the Middle East. Fernández is at ease in corporations from multinationals to start-ups.

He is an expert in negotiation and execution of complex financial operations, a a member of the group’s Management Committee and a director in multiple affiliated companies. His role frequently exposes him to the highest level of decision-making bodies in the T-Solar Group of Companies (board of directors, general shareholders’ meetings, and audit and investment committees.

Legal Director: Elena Herrero-Visairas

Legal Director: Elena Herrero-Visairas

Elena Herrero-Visairas is the legal director of T-Solar. She is responsible for corporate management, legal and compliance advice and is the group secretary.

She has more than 20 years’ experience in domestic and international law. Before joining T-Solar in 2007, she worked for international law firms, starting her career at MFB in London, then moving to Stephenson Harwood and DLA Piper in Madrid, where she worked in the transport and energy sectors.

Elena Herrero-Visairas set up the T-Solar legal department in 2007, providing legal support for the business development strategy. She has expertise in corporate management, financing and M&A of energy projects. She designed and implemented the company’s compliance programme.

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