Carey: Universal Importance of Governance is Recognised in the Channel Islands

One recent trend across the finance industry is the significant increase in companies implementing environmental, social and governance principles.

Carey Senior Management Team

Senior Management Team at Carey (L-R):
Rebecca Booth Client Director, Corporate & Fund Services
Sara Bourne Deputy Managing Director
Mark Vidamour Head of Corporate & Fund Services
Chris Le Page Head of Client Delivery, Corporate & Fund Services

In today’s global context, companies and funds interact with investors, regulators, suppliers and clients around the world. Regardless of jurisdiction, the essence of corporate governance matters. Regulations and governance practices may vary by region, but regardless of nuances, stakeholders are increasingly fluent with the core expectations and demands of good governance.

Carey, a regulated administration and governance firm based in Guernsey, Channel Islands, is often appointed for its expertise in this area. The company demonstrates the application of best-practice with its international client base, and has noticed an increasing demand for governance support in company structures. Many are choosing Guernsey – and specifically Carey – to meet their ESG compliance criteria.

Institutional and retail investors are seeking out fund structures – be it Guernsey private equity investment vehicles, sustainability accredited funds, or stock exchange listed investment companies – and each has its own idea of what good governance looks like. Understanding how integral its role is in all aspects of the corporate and fund life-cycles requires a collaborative approach between client and administrator. Targets are defined and practical steps put in place to ensure that governance framework matches intention.

For funds meeting ESG criteria, crucial questions can help to achieve the best results. How will the board oversee investments and understand the impact? What reporting are investors expecting, in the ever-changing business landscape? How can boards demonstrate that they comply with good governance practices?

The Carey team’s breadth of industry experience across geographic territories guides clients to the forefront of governance. The firm’s own values, culture and leadership are vital, offering productive challenge in the context of close working partnerships.

Carey offers bespoke services to a range of corporate structures for philanthropic or charitable investing, vehicles for properties, or for funds of all asset classes. Clients come to Carey for this expertise: family groups hoping to formalise management arrangements for private investment schemes, UK private equity fund managers looking for an administrator and US managers wanting to set up funds in Guernsey to IPO on the LSE. There are also established Asian managers wanting to partner with an administrator for their next Guernsey funds.

The experience and working methods of the Carey team guide clients around the pitfalls of fund and corporate administration and governance. The firm tailors solutions to suit all scenarios, asking the hard questions and challenging perceptions to achieve optimum results.

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