Brave New World?


Why are US Conservatives Against Investment in ESG?

Republicans balking at ‘woke liberal agenda’ that they claim could erode profit margins and threaten livelihoods US politicians are treating

World Economic Forum’s Meeting Agenda Takes a Tilt at ‘Dark Topics’, Ai-Da — and Mind Control…

‘It’s worse psychologically to feel that you are useless than to feel you are exploited’ — Yuval Noah Harari In

When Will They Ever Learn? Clearing The Climate Change Roadblocks

A study from Science magazine has offered a quantitative look at the decades-long disconnect between the fossil fuel industry’s “private

Good News Roundup of 2022: Spotlight on Renewables

After a year marked with continued pandemic challenges, international conflicts and catastrophic climate events, the world is overdue for some

China’s Economy Is in Flux. Here’s What Businesses Need to Know

This is the transcript of a special episode of The Insightful Leader podcast, produced by Laura Pavin of the Kellogg

Lord Waverley: New Thinking in the UK

New Thinking in the UK, Commonwealth Advantage and the Electronic Trade Documents Bill Whilst it is undeniable that we are

How Do Credit Cards Work

Ingenious evolution of the modern bankcard Every time a bank card is swiped data points are transferred, analysed and an

US Housing Crisis

Profits over people in US housing crisis Home ownership is a cornerstone of the American dream and a key step

I, Robot (Ninja): A Pioneer of the Autonomous Space

Robots are here to stay, making life easier in many sectors — and Fetch Robotics founder Melonee Wise has been

Energy Sector Grapples with Hydra-Headed Problems of Global Supply and Demand

At the recent COP-26 climate summit in Glasgow, government officials and leaders of international organisations put the spotlight on the

Inflation, Used Cars, Silicon Chips and Supply-Demand: Links in a Worrying Chain

Chips — no, not the potato or chocolate kind, the electronic ones – are a driving force behind a spike

World Bank: Sustained Global Solidarity Needed to Achieve Global COVID-19 Recovery

The pandemic has affected virtually everyone in the world, but its impacts have been hardest on the poor and vulnerable,

Invasion of the Robots! Beware, Beware! Just Because We Can Doesn’t Mean That We Should…

AI, facial-recognition, machine learning… where should humans draw the line when it comes to automated ‘job theft’? Yogesh Patel gives

Permanent Output Losses from the Pandemic

In the World Economic Outlook, published October 12, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) slightly lowered its forecast for global economic

From the Black Plague to the Covid Crisis, Quarantine has Affected Maritime Trade

An overly familiar term in the 2020s, “quarantine”, dates from the 14th Century and is derived from quarantena — Italian

Home is Where the Mortgage is: 2008 Crisis has Lessons for Sector

Of all the sectors affected by the pandemic, the housing market has performed better than expected. In 2008, home loans

Where are We Going? Nowhere, Fast, According to Travel and Tourism Stats

Whether domestic or international, business or pleasure, travel is an integral part of modern life — no longer just a

Shock and Ore — India’s Love of Gold Goes Beyond Market Prices

Gold is considered the most valuable of all the precious metals — especially in Indian culture. While the fabulous ore