Women and STEM, We Can Do Better

Linda Dotts“On International Women’s Day, it is crucial to reflect on the state of women in the technology sector and chart a course for a more inclusive and equitable future. Only one-in-five women and girls are currently working in the fields of science and technology. The statistics on female representation in the science and tech industry, can be aggressively improved with better career mentoring in our schools and encouragement from leaders in all aspects of education and business.

“Despite the remarkable advancements in AI, data and process automation, cloud computing, and a global talent shortage, we continually see so many talented women leaving the tech industry due to lack of career progression opportunities, female role models or company culture.  As AI and other technologies continue to influence the business models enterprises create, a broad mix of developer talent representing the enterprises’ customer base will become even more important.

“The barriers preventing women from accessing opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math are not due to a lack of skills, but rather to persistent misconceptions and biases. The challenge lies in building a culture that values and supports the success of women in these fields. It is about creating an environment where women can excel in various roles, from research and development to leadership and innovation and take risks that drive high rewards of achievement.

“As the landscape of IT evolves, embracing a new era for sustainability, it is crucial to recognise the skills required are not bound by gender. Women possess a diverse range of talents essential for driving scientific advancements. This year’s UN assembly’s theme for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, “Think Science … Think Peace,” prompts us to consider how we can best foster inclusive leadership while contributing to a harmonious and sustainable future.”

Quote from Linda Dotts, Chief Partner Strategy Officer, SS&C Blue Prism

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