Grant Thornton Hong Kong: M&A – Cultural Alignment for Successful Integration

Too often companies put together look great on paper but are fraught with management and structural problems that end up turning deals into busts. Acquiring companies often underestimate the problems that different corporate cultures can inflict on a merger. In fact,

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SpaceX: Making a Splash in Privatised Space Exploration

The United States government is outsourcing its business in space at an astronomical rate. Contracts worth billions of dollars are being awarded to private enterprise. This has caused a dynamic marketplace to emerge which supplies cost-effective solutions for NASA’s routine

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TD: Making the Environment Part of the Bank’s DNA

When Mike Pedersen joined TD Bank Group in 2007 as Group Head, Corporate Operations, he was tasked with putting an environmental strategy in place for the bank. Early on, he saw the need for full-time executive leadership to drive the

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