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Living the Iberian Dream, Fair and Square: A Risk-Control Real Estate Asset Management Firm

Square Asset Management has history behind it, and big plans for the future. Square Asset Management has celebrated its 18th year of sustained growth – and it’s clear that company’s steadfast commitment has contributed to that success. Commitment to proper

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Byblos Bank Europe (BBE): A Niche Bank Getting Bigger and Better

Belgium’s BBE has old-school values and a modern take on operational excellence. In the global arena of international finance, always aspiring to broader reach, there exist beacons of expertise spreading the light of operational excellence, speed, convenience and availability. Founded

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ESG Leadership Trends, from ‘Woke Capitalism’ to ‘Quiet Sustainability’

This is no time to get distracted, argues Fabrizio Ferraro — sustainable impact will bring the lasting change we need… As world leaders and business titans gathered at Davos this year for the annual World Economic Forum, ESG was at

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Strategy, Inclusion, Compliance and Customer-Centricity: MauBank Has All of Its Priorities Firmly In Place

CFI.co in discussion with Vishuene Vydelingum, Chief Executive Officer of MauBank. MauBank is licensed as a commercial bank by the Bank of Mauritius, the country’s central bank and the nation’s banking regulator. MauBank is headquartered in Ebene CyberCity on the

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Embracing ESG Transformation: Turning Ambitions Into Action

Two PwC Luxembourg partners giving support and guidance to companies in their transformation journeys. This year brought with it the urgent need to dive deeper into the evolution of ESG and sustainability priorities. At PwC Luxembourg, two partners have been

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PwC: ‘When it Comes to Securing the Future, There’s No Time Like the Present’

ESG and sustainability priorities are increasingly important business considerations; PwC Luxembourg is on the case… Goodbye theory, hello action — PwC Luxembourg is empowering company leaders to execute successful ESG transformations. ESG is proving to be a bigger disruptor than

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The Rise and Rise of ESG, from Investment and Worker Safety to the Ethics of the Defence Industry

‘Immediate actions — necessary to mitigate losses from catastrophic events like the war in Ukraine and the pandemic — should be distinguished from the steps that are necessary to preserve a company’s long-term value.’ In April 2013, the concrete roof

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Stepping-up ESG Impact via Scoring and Analytics

CFI.co invited Lindsey McMurray, managing partner and co-founder of Pollen Street Capital, to outline her company’s mission and motivation… At Pollen Street, ESG is core to our strategy, purpose, and culture. We drive positive change through our investments, whether by

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Norvestor: A Sustainable Long-Term Value Proposition in Private Equity

The disclosure of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices by private equity funds has been associated with a 4.9 percent increase in the net IRR (internal rate of return). That is the conclusion of a London Business School research paper.

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Appian Capital Advisory: Sustainability in Mining – Where the Energy Transition Starts

Although they bring many benefits, mining companies have long been criticised for their environmental practices. Despite its best efforts, the sector has had a less than spotless record of cleaning up after itself. Only recently have miners begun assessing their Read More