Living the Iberian Dream, Fair and Square: A Risk-Control Real Estate Asset Management Firm

Square Asset Management has history behind it, and big plans for the future.

Square Asset Management has celebrated its 18th year of sustained growth – and it’s clear that company’s steadfast commitment has contributed to that success.

View from Square AM offices

View from Square AM offices

Commitment to proper ESG policies, of course, but personal commitment, too. CEO and founder Pedro Coelho says that most of the team members have been working together for around 35 years.

Square Asset Management is Portugal’s largest independent real-estate asset manager, with more than €1.9bn in AUM. Square Asset Management (in Portuguese, Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Coletivo) is regulated by the Portuguese Securities Stock Commission (CMVM), considered as an AIFM.

“With specific expertise in all aspects of real estate – management, development, law, and banking – Square AM’s management team has the knowledge and reassurance that comes with decades of experience.”

With specific expertise in all aspects of real estate – management, development, law, and banking – Square AM’s management team has the knowledge and reassurance that comes with decades of experience.

Square focuses on client needs and performance, primarily via open-ended funds, prioritising investment in diversified Iberian real estate assets. It has long-term lease contracts across sectors – with ESG front-and-centre – positioning Square as a leading real estate fund manager on the Iberian Peninsula.

Square pioneered a low-risk investment strategy, anchored on long-term lease contracts, absent of financial leverage, and with robust risk-control. Against the age-old real estate cry of “location, location, location”, Square replies with an ethos revolving around “risk, risk, risk”. Look at the firm’s 18-year streak without negative performance for confirmation.

Square AM manages several real estate funds and consultancy services, including income funds: the management of risk/return on core and core plus assets, especially in office, retail, logistics, distribution. That includes two open-ended real estate funds, CA Património Crescente (CA PC) with €1.2m in AUM, and the Property Core Real Estate Fund, recently launched for institutional and retail clients (€60m AUM).

Distressed Asset Funds

Square AM also undertakes the long-term management of non-core assets, with the aim of increasing their market value and selling them on.

With specialised funds, there is tailored management of thematic assets with the aim of optimising market value and performance.

Square AM oversees other funds covering health and hospital, supermarkets, shopping centres and hotels, diverse sectors within the Iberian market.

Consultancy and Services

Square AM partners with institutional investors to assist the management of their investments, either through an investment fund or another specific solution.

CA Património Crescente Fund

This flagship, open-ended fund – recognised by MSCI for 13 consecutive years as the best-performing Iberian/Portuguese balanced portfolio – is a point of pride for the firm. Managed as a balanced fund with solid tenants on long-term leases, it is the largest open-end real estate fund in Iberia. It is also an SFDR – Article 8º.

Looking Ahead

As Square AM charts its trajectory, there’s no sign of deceleration. Continuously expanding in assets and geographies, the company is poised to penetrate international markets, and ready to reaffirm its commitment to innovation and excellence. i

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