ORBIAN: Optimised Supplier Strategies and Ongoing Recognition

For 2022, Orbian has again been presented with CFI.co’s global award for Most Innovative Trade Finance Solutions. This award follows Orbian’s similar success in 2021, and confirms the company’s position as the most thoughtful and innovative provider of worldwide supplier finance services and solutions.


For 2022, CFI.co’s judging panel was most impressed with Orbian’s new regional control and analysis tools. As with the 2021 award based on Orbian’s development of fixed rate supply chain finance (SCF) solutions, these latest innovations not only allow for substantially greater collaboration and efficiency between Buyers and Suppliers; but are also genuinely unique propositions for Orbian in the global marketplace. Fixed rate solutions are providing great opportunities for suppliers to manage program costs in a world of less accommodative central bank policies. Likewise, the innovations underpinning 2022’s award will allow Buyers to understand exactly how their SCF programs can be used to support regional development agendas for local and national governments. Not only will this allow Buyers to support “levelling up” programs, but will also allow them to ensure optimised supplier strategies relative to local, national and supra-national subsidy arrangements.

ORBIAN Chairman Thomas Dunn

ORBIAN Chairman: Thomas Dunn


Orbian is a pioneer of supply chain finance, creating expansion opportunities for businesses small and large and delivering steady returns for investors over the past 20 years. Orbian understands that supply chain finance greases the wheels of global commerce and has a developed a trade finance platform to streamline connections between suppliers, corporate buyers and funding providers. It works with businesses to custom-create scalable supply chain finance programmes to accommodate working capital and cash flow goals. To date, Orbian has processed five million transactions and $240bn in trade finance — while maintaining an error-free transactional record. It has achieved a 100 percent integration success rate across all major Enterprise Resource Planning systems and proprietary A/P systems. Supplier onboarding is a simple web-based process with documentation specialists on-hand to support thousands of suppliers across the 53 countries where it currently operates. Orbian broadens the potential investor pool by giving suppliers access to multi-bank and source-agnostic funding. Flexible funding structures allow suppliers to use excess cash to fund the finance programme. Orbian invests a portion of annual revenues into the development of staff skills and enhancement of the customer experience. The company fuels growth through a process of continuous innovation, which includes regular upgrades to its state-of-the-art platform.

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