GoldenTree’s Steven Tananbaum – Governance and Experience: Winning Combination for Any Investment Firm

Asset management firm GoldenTree understands that — and its governance structure has been key to two decades of sustained success.

GoldenTree Founding Partner & CIO: Steven Tananbaum

Founding Partner & CIO: Steven Tananbaum

GoldenTree, founded in 2000 by Steven Tananbaum, is one of the largest independent asset managers focused on credit.

The employee-owned firm manages nearly $47bn for institutional leading public and corporate pensions, endowments, foundations, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds. Its 250 employees, speaking 25 languages, are spread across offices in New York, West Palm Beach, Charlotte, London, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Dublin.

GoldenTree specialises in global credit markets. It has 24 partners and deep employee commitment to the strategies that have created a perfect alignment of investment interests.

Governance at GoldenTree is exemplified by its executive committee, comprised of eight partners from across the firm. They have worked together for an average of 15 years and meet regularly to formulate business strategy, discuss corporate governance, and review key areas of business from a management company and fund perspective.

GoldenTree specialises in opportunities across the credit universe: high-yield bonds, leveraged loans, distressed debt, structured products, emerging markets, private equity, private credit and credit-themed equities.

GoldenTree by the Numbers

In 2000, GoldenTree was founded on the principles of fundamental value-investing — with a focus on a margin of safety and a “total return” approach. The investment process has been successfully executed across market cycles for two decades.

GoldenTree expanded its global footprint with the opening of its European office in 2005. Over the past decade, it has gained recognition and respect in the European credit markets, with local expertise in corporate credit, structured products, trading, restructuring, sourcing, and business development.

GoldenTree has expertise across corporate, structured, distressed, private credit and emerging markets, enabling the Firm to analyse a broad universe of opportunities.

As GoldenTree is owned by its employees, there is a clear path to partnership, and promotion from within. This culture enables the firm to attract and retain some of the world’s most talented investment and business professionals. GoldenTree has one of the most experienced investment teams in the industry, led by an executive committee with 29 years of experience.


GoldenTree provides solutions to investors and offers customised accounts with individualised return profiles. It has been investing globally since its inception, and is established a presence in Europe’s financial world.

GoldenTree is supported by a diverse capital base of institutional investors — a base that is growing, thanks to consistent performance. The primary focus is on institutional clients, who make up more than 90 percent of the firm’s AUM. Its largest investor categories are public and corporate pensions, which collectively amount to over half the AUM total.

GoldenTree’s investments are designed to preserve and grow investors’ capital with a value-based approach. With a challenging environment ahead, as the world responds to the coronavirus pandemic, GoldenTree’s dedication to its investors and employees is paramount. GoldenTree’s breadth and depth of expertise, strong governance structure and adherence to core principles allow the Firm to navigate market cycles and deliver attractive results.

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