Megalabs: Brand-new Brand with Innovative Values and Penchant for Perfection



Megalabs is a leading branded specialty Latin American pharmaceutical company, committed to healthcare, strategically oriented towards innovation, and dedicated to affordable therapeutic solutions.

It combines experience and innovation in its trajectory, but maintains a strong vision of the future, supported by its production capabilities.

“We are a brand that reflects current and future trends,” says Megalabs , “transparent and fresh, proud of what we do. We have created a flowing line through the brand; ‘Megalabs’ is a unique word, written in upper and lower case, friendly and easily understood.”

In the transformation process, the former isotype logo — the Southern Cross of Mega Pharma — became a star. “A star that is made up of the diversity of all of us, which expresses the cultures of Latin America,” says

The different shades of green in the Latin American landscape make sense of the colour identity, a brand committed to life.

Through constant research and innovation, and acting under ethical and accountable standards, Megalabs aims to strengthen its leadership position — and expand its presence in new markets.

Megalabs integrates Latin American charisma with a global vocation for innovation, applying cutting-edge techniques to R&D, production, marketing and distribution of its therapeutic solutions.

The company has undergone brand changes to bring unity to its relations and operations at an international level. “Now we can introduce ourselves as a unified group. This allows us to make our activity in different areas more transparent, and take full advantage of the potential of the joint work we do in the 18 countries in which we operate.”

The new Megalabs brand expresses the reality of a pharmaceutical company that stands close to the patient and goes far beyond standard Quality Assurance. “Our commitment to excellence leads us to explore paths in our continent, that no one has ever ventured before.
To meet efficacy and safety requirements we strive to provide: Bioequivalence, Interchangeability, Biosimilarity, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical trials and Updated documentation”.

How does Megalabs achieve these goals?

  • Using cutting-edge technologies in product development and manufacturing.
  • Fostering integration with academia and highly specialized research centers.
  • Systematically training multidisciplinary teams.
  • Keeping at the forefront of biomedical research.

“With our rebranding we expect to achieve improvements in the regulatory field, allowing the geographical interconnection of our products. From the point of view of the operation, it will simplify the actions to integrate all these aspects behind an identity that reflects our potential as a company, our vocation for growth, modernity and investment based on a promise of producing accessible and high-quality products.

“We are involved with our communities and aspire to be a fundamental ally for all health stakeholders.”

Megalabs brand values:

  • Credibility
  • Closeness
  • Multiculturality
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Global vocation
  • Regional support

“We have always worked with honesty to build credibility in all our stakeholders, and we are very aware of that legacy. We embrace multiculturalism and offer products that apply to the real needs of our communities.

“Megalabs is committed to being a key player in a regional context, so we work towards constant improvement in our strategies to be the ideal partner for accessing Latin America.

“We transform the potential of our business — and the capabilities of our people — into realities that allow us to build a future.”

Megalabs 2

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