Brand new Brand: Kaleido Puts Harmony, Colour and Passion into its New Look

Kaleido Privatbank CEO Rolf Bauer and COO Gian Nay

COO Gian Nay and CEO Rolf Bauer

Kaleido Privatbank AG, formerly known as AP Anlage & Privatbank AG (AP Bank), is launching an ambitious rebranding of the 25-year-old boutique bank in record time.

The Swiss private bank’s new leadership team, CEO Rolf Bauer and COO Gian Nay, are heading the transformation to a new brand identity, Kaleido Privatbank.

The new name comes from the term kaleidoscope, a tube with oscillating glass fragments that collide to create a mesmerising rainbow of refractions. “Different pieces harmonically come together in different shapes and forms,” Bauer says, “and every time it gives you a different picture with a different perspective.”

The executive team decided that this symmetry of a creative process was a fitting theme for the bank’s new brand image. “As in a kaleidoscope, we bundle different elements into a holistic picture. We create individual solutions combining in- depth wealth management expertise, state-of-the-art technology and strong network-expertise for our clients.

“The idea of the so-called collective intelligence is the bedrock of the Kaleido rebranding in a world where everything is networked and digitalised. We believe in the idea of swarm intelligence, and this is something that certainly stands for Kaleido.”

The bank has built a network of partnerships and leverages those connections to “go beyond banking” when necessary. The scope of services is broader than that of a typical bank, leaning more towards a family office set-up.

“With Kaleido, the focus is on people. Over the years, we have developed very personal relationships with many of our clients. It is important to us to be able to assist them in non-financial matters as well,” Nay explains. Access to a global network of medical providers is not something most banking clients expect, but Nay believes it earns gratitude and trust. “We are in the fortunate position of having been able to build up a valuable network over the last few years. And we are pleased to make this available to our customers.”

Bauer is convinced that it all comes down to the Kaleido value system — caring, acting with integrity, and forward-focused thinking — and a belief in collective intelligence. “Gian and I, we are experts when it comes to finance and investments,” he says, “but thanks to our network we are able to offer our clients more.”

Bauer and Nay started at the boutique bank in August 2020, energised by the opportunity to modernise an institution with a sound and impressive history. The aim is for a complete overhaul — identity, location, technology — condensing a process that typically takes two-years into a six-month timeframe.

A herculean task for any bank, but feasible for a team that co-operates well with others. “We are on a very tight schedule, but very much up to speed,” says Nay. “Luckily, we have a great, hands-on team with whom we can drive the change process, which will be completed by July.”

Kaleido benefits from the expertise of Ripplewood Holdings, who represents the ultimate shareholders of the bank, a number of leading families. This provides the conviction and resources necessary to back-up Kaleido’s strategy going forward. In addition, the Zurich office of the very well known agency Jung von Matt, is also helping with the rebrand and website.

As part of the InCore Bank / SOBACO Private Banking Hub, the largest of its kind based on the state-of-the-art banking software Finnova, Kaleido will benefit from true economies of scale and skill. This will help to easily and efficiently develop Kaleido into a very modern financial institution.

This new set up will make it possible to include new asset classes (such as digital assets, cryptocurrencies and tokenisation schemes) and has integrated and automated compliance and reporting features.

“We have built the foundation for growth,” said Nay. “And through this platform, we can now offer digital assets and currencies. This is something that not all banks can offer —  but it’s something that becomes more and more important when you want to serve the next generation. This will be a key focus in the second half of this year.”

The executives welcome the label “unconventional”; it’s exactly what they are aiming for. “Client success comes first, and this shows in different approaches.”

Bauer and Nay left successful banking careers at a leading institution to head the transformation of Kaleido Privatbank. “We consider ourselves blessed that we are in a position to shape and create something that is completely based on our values and beliefs. We were fortunate that we got a chance to learn form the best in this field. We want to carry that knowledge on, but want to bring our own handwriting to it,” says Nay.

“Every company pursues different strategic objectives and operates according to different time horizons. But that is in the nature of things,” Bauer adds.

Kaleido is grateful to be backed by shareholders that have a long-term horizon. This allows the bank to give clients some time to transform promising plans into a profitable business.

“For us, it’s common sense to invest a lot of time and knowledge into building relationships with our clients. It’s not about quickly building revenues, instead we opt for long-term growth that we can achieve in unison with our clients.”

For such a strategy to work on a long-term basis, it’s important that all parties share the same set of values such as respect and cordiality. “We are very lucky that we can say that our clients are very appreciative, loyal and conscientious in honouring contract terms,” says Nay. “They also tend to bring in other potential clients through word-of-mouth endorsement – which is the best validation for any private bank.”

Kaleido Privatbank – with a focus on the DACH region – aims to challenge conventional investment approaches by preferring a core-satellite model that allows clients to align investments with values and beliefs.

The Kaleido team has moved into new, modern offices in the heart of Zurich, full of confidence and passion to create something truly unique — a modern Swiss boutique bank, that offers clients an unexpected perspective. Just like looking into a kaleidoscope…

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