Making Science: ‘Top 20’ Goal of Digital Marketing Firm with Global Reach

Making Science CEO José Antonio Martinez

CEO: José Antonio Martinez

The winner of the 2021 award for Best Digital Growth Strategy belongs to Making Science, the European technology and digital marketing consultancy.

The company, headquartered in Madrid, specialises in e-commerce and digital transformation and has undertaken a series of acquisitions over the past year to enhance its international reach and scope for its global clientele. This includes the recent purchase of Nara Media, a London-based digital marketing agency specialising in mobile app marketing and measurement.

The company’s recent growth strategy is part of a wider ambition to be present in the 20 largest digital advertising markets within the next five years with offices already in Spain, the UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Mexico and Colombia. Making Science was previously elected the SME of the Year 2019 by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and received the CRECE (Rapid Expansion Company with Exponential Growth) award from Ernst and Young.

The company draws on 300 digital experts and marketers with international experience, and offers a bespoke service to clients with a strong legacy of innovation, acting as a leader in the development of technological solutions.

Leading Making Science is José Antonio Martinez Aguilar, or “Jama”, as he is known to colleagues and friends. Martinez Aguilar founded the company as its CEO, and has more than two decades of experience in the tech sector. Prior to Making Science, he worked for companies including Airtel (Vodafone) and Google. The latter post took him around the world, including stays in Canada and Portugal, where he was appointed managing director for Google Portugal.

Beyond Making Science, Martinez Aguilar is also a lecturer at the IE Business School in Madrid, where he teaches MBA students on digital strategy and technology, calling on his in-depth knowledge of digital trends and the industry.

On winning the award, Martinez Aguilar said: “Winning this award attests to the hard work and dedication that all the staff at Making Science have put in over the past five years, helping us to grow to over 300 people across several markets.

“I want to thank them all for everything they have done to grow Making Science into the company it is today, despite the challenges we have faced, particularly over the past year. I am immensely proud and very much look forward to seeing where Making Science is in the next five years.”

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