My Clinic in Saudi Arabia: Taking the Lead in Premium Care and Relieving the Strain on Patients

My Clinic, the largest such out¬patient facility in Jeddah – with a premium approach to patient care – is located on Prince Sultan Street and has been rising in popularity since opening in May 2017.

Fehr Nazer, the General Manager, is a man with a positive and progressive approach to healthcare. While talking to him, the reason behind My Clinic’s steady success becomes clear; it’s the motivation to create a seamless patient journey and experience: “One of the things we focus on is minimising the time patients spend on paperwork and billing: creating ease in the process so they get maximum time with the doctor.”

On your visit to My Clinic, whether It’s for a lab test or dental check-up, you’ll find relief in the convenience of their one¬-stop reception desks, where everything from booking an appointment to getting approvals for insurance can be achieved. You’ll spend little time finding your way around, as the layout of the clinic is very straightforward – with no excessive directions or signs that can confuse.

“The clinic arranges everything electronically, so you don’t have to carry paperwork around to get your treatment.”

My Clinic is unlike any other facility in the city. With its simplistic approach to branding and an open space with plenty of sunlight and refreshing plants, the clinic provides patients with a calm and peaceful environment. The walls are uncluttered; there are no charts and visuals filled with medical jargon that is of no interest to patients.

The waiting area on the floor that houses the Children’s Health and Women’s Health departments features a private nursing station and vibrant playroom, with some rooms having animated wallpaper to ensure a pleasant and fun experience for the kids.

The clinic arranges everything electronically, so you don’t have to carry appointment slips or other paperwork around when arranging your treatment. A nurse will collect you from the waiting area, take you to triage, and instantly send your vitals to the doctor, who will evaluate them while you’re on your way to the consultation room. If the doctor assigns any medication or requires lab tests, the pharmacy and lab will be ready to attend to your needs prior to your arrival.

My Clinic takes patient experience very seriously. Each day, the management team walks around the clinic to help any patients who may have concerns. Service agents work daily on follow-up calls to gain feedback. Nazer explains, “Our service agents encourage patients to discuss any negative experiences. We review feedback daily and fix any issues that are highlighted. We’ve been doing this since the day we served our first patient.”

My Clinic offers all clinical specialties with an individualised approach to medical care. Most of their doctors are experienced Saudi consultants with Western Board Certifications.

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