Herald Land: UK Prime Real Estate

Established in 2009, Herald Land Real Estate Brokers caters to clients in the Middle East and around the globe. The firms sets the benchmarks in its market for secure investments and UK portfolio diversification.

The company started as land brokers. Though the UK land market will always remain its core competence, Herald Land is constantly adding to its portfolio which contains something to offer everyone. Herald Land aims to provide a variety of lucrative investments that suit all tastes and fit all budgets. From picturesque landscapes, trendy urban apartments, and airport parking to low entry-level profitable residential buy-to-let opportunities and student accommodations, investors are sure to find an investment that fits their preferences.

The UK has long been one of the world’s most stable and progressive property markets, and one of the world’s most popular destinations for wealthy individuals and business owners. The country offers a unique mix of outstanding social and political stability, a highly attractive taxation regime for those born overseas, and an excellent environment for business. Therefore, buying land in the UK is the perfect opportunity for a profitable and rewarding investment.

It is impossible to understand the business of any company, without appreciating the talents behind its success. Herald Land is run by what may be some of the most highly qualified professionals in the world. Their passion is the main driver of its success and their relentless exploration of market ambiguities, powered by their skills and competence, grant them the ability to take the right decisions at the right time, providing investors with the smartest solutions.

Herald Land considers human capital as the single most important ingredient bolstering its progress and the firm continues to celebrate its workforce diversity that comprises professionals from different parts of the world.

Why Choose the UK?

The United Kingdom is the fifth largest economy in the world and the second largest in Europe with GDP of $2.6 trillion. It is a country rich in cultural identity, natural beauty, and a stable economic and political environment, all of which encourage many investors to invest in the UK.

The country welcomes tourists from all corners of the globe which presents a tremendous investment opportunity in real estate. The UK also boasts an excellent road and transport infrastructure that allows easy access to almost everywhere within the country.

Following the Brexit referendum in 2016, the depreciation of the British pound against the US dollar and the AED made property prices more attractive to international investors, especially investors living in the GCC region. For example, earlier this year a £1m property would have cost AED 5.33m whilst that same property could now be acquired for only AED 4.56m.

Innovation and Culture

Herald Land believes in adding innovation and culture when it comes to developing new projects. The firm encourages its staff to bring to the light as many creative ideas as possible. Simple as it may seem, that usually drastically changes the way the company operates which eventually works to the advantage of its clients.

With different markets experiencing highs and lows – with deep plunges in some and frightening crashes in others – owning land or property in the UK will remain the most secure of all investments. The slump in formerly attractive markets has only served to increase the appeal of UK investments. For this reason, amongst many others, UK investments promise to offer a safe haven to the discerning investor.

A Timeless Investment Possibility

Herald Land does not just present investment possibilities: the firms aims to offer the seed for a lifetime opportunity – one that can drastically transform the way its clients invest. Herald Land raises the bar on exceptional on-point portfolio selections and keeps its clients spoilt for choice as the firm present prime locations, long-term development landscapes, areas well connected to excellent transportation networks, tourist hotspots, secure profitable properties, and much more – all of which are promising to constitute rare and unique opportunities to acquire and own prime assets.

Herald Land considers its UK land investment offerings as the firm’s core competence and its absolute competitive advantage. Herald Land is the market leader in UK real estate – it is always going up in value and the demand is forever increasing. It is incredibly reassuring to witness how land increases in value over the years and never decreases, unlike other investments, and that is exactly what makes land investment the most timeless of all types of investments.

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