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Interest Rate Hike Key to Turkey’s Economic Fortune

Amidst the cacophony produced by Messrs Trump and Jinping, the drumbeat of a small war was almost drowned out. Last

World Bank Blogs: coronavirus, covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a drastic human toll, with close to 15 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over

The Right Side of History: Germany Occupies the Moral High Ground

The latest annual Gallup poll on the standing of nations seems to indicate that President Donald Trump has failed to

EU Cements Union and Recovery Package

EU leaders have agreed on a landmark €750 billion post-corona recovery deal that authorises the European Commission to issue bonds

Global Markets Stall as Future Remains Uncertain

In this era of big and bigger numbers, the size of the US budget deficit – $864 billion in June

EU Prime Ministers Beat a Path to The Hague

This month, The Hague has become the destiny of choice for European prime ministers and presidents embarking on a pilgrimage

Islamic Development Bank Deploys Sukuk to Counter Corona Impact

Respond, Restore, and Restart. That is how the Islamic Development Bank Group (IsDB) aims to tackle the economic fallout of

Saying No to China

What had originally been announced as a series of conferences followed by a high profile summit in Leipzig to seal

South Africa and the Struggle for Reform

Widely considered a bellwether for emerging market sentiment, South Africa’s rand has been on a dizzying rollercoaster ride, seesawing on

Japan Opens the Money Spigot

Once upon a time, Japan was said to pose a menace to the economic hegemony of the industrialised countries of

Europe: Fig Leaves to Save Spain and Italy

Looking to score without breaking a sweat, European politicians of almost every ideological persuasion often turn on ‘Brussels’, assigning blame

Austerity Arrives in the Kingdom

For the first time in living memory, the Saudi government has embarked on a major austerity drive. Early June, state

Hold the Bulls: US Recovery Marred by Uncertainty

Early June, the Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research formally declared a recession – the

Argentina Looks Good, Brazil Not So Much

Argentina has defaulted on its public debt – again. The country is familiar with the script that follows and unlikely

Resistance Is Futile as Berlin Backs EU Solidarity

For the third time in her 15-year reign, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has sprung a major surprise and taken the

Few Strings in US, Many in Europe

As trillions of dollars and euros were being doled out by governments and central banks trying to buy their way

EU: Stage Set for Clash

The Hague is expected to deploy the biggest gun available to EU member states and roll out its veto to

Business in Times of Corona

Ten weeks ago, published a series of five reports on the portent of a novel economic event. Some 70,000

WTO report draws attention to impact of COVID-19 trade disruptions on women

Women are likely to be harder hit than men by trade disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the dangers

World Bank Blogs: A strong COVID-19 response, and a road to recovery

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a drastic human toll, with close to 15 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over

IMF Blog: Global Imbalances and the COVID-19 Crisis

The world entered the COVID-19 pandemic with persistent, pre-existing external imbalances. The crisis has caused a sharp reduction in trade

UN urges protection of domestic workers’ rights during COVID-19 pandemic

Oscar-nominated actress Yalitza Aparicio rose to fame in the film Roma, where she starred as an indigenous domestic worker.  There

CEBM: COVID cases in England aren’t rising – here’s why

Carl Heneghan The government has restricted movements on millions of people in England: COVID is apparently on the rise. But

Imperial College London: 90 minute COVID-19 tests – Government orders 5.8 million DnaNudge kits

The government has placed a £161 million order for 5.8 million high-speed DnaNudge COVID-19 test kits to be used in

Imperial College London: New report highlights the impact of COVID-19 on life satisfaction worldwide

Global survey data on the wellbeing of individuals across 26 countries has revealed how coronavirus is impacting people’s satisfaction with

Cambridge University: Lockdown led to happiness rebound, after wellbeing plunged with onset of pandemic

New study is among the first to distinguish effects of the pandemic from effects of lockdown when it comes to

Cambridge University: Existing evidence suggests face coverings do not lead to false sense of security

Existing limited evidence suggests that wearing face coverings to protect against COVID-19 does not lead to a false sense of

IMF: Corruption and COVID-19

Corruption, the abuse of public office for private gain, is about more than wasted money: it erodes the social contract

European Commission secures EU access to Remdesivir for treatment of COVID-19

Yesterday, the European Commission has signed a contract with the pharmaceutical company Gilead to secure treatment doses of Veklury, the

IFC: Getting Developing Countries the COVID-19 Supplies They Need

As countries around the world battle the coronavirus pandemic, a troubling gap has come to light: there simply aren’t enough

The World Bank: Global Productivity – Trends, Drivers, and Policies

The COVID-19 pandemic struck the global economy after a decade that featured a broad-based slowdown in productivity growth. Global Productivity: Trends,

IMF: Preparing for an Unknown World

We must collectively work toward resolving the problems exposed by the crisis Era Dabla-Norris, Vitor Gaspar, and Kalpana Kochhar We

EIOPA Statement on Solvency II supervisory reporting in the context of COVID-19

Following EIOPA’s Recommendations of 20 March 2020 on annual and quarterly reporting and publication deadlines, EIOPA considers that insurance and reinsurance

WHO: New COVID-19 Law Lab to provide vital legal information and support for the global COVID-19 response

Launching today, the COVID-19 Law Lab initiative gathers and shares legal documents from over 190 countries across the world to

The World Bank: Amid Multiple Crises, World Bank Group Refocuses Programs and Increases Financing to $74 billion in Fiscal Year 2020

As people in developing countries around the world faced multiple crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Bank Group worked

IMF Blog: Unemployment in Today’s Recession Compared to the Global Financial Crisis

By Ippei Shibata There has been much discussion in recent months about how workers who transitioned to working from home—and those