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Resistance Is Futile as Berlin Backs EU Solidarity

For the third time in her 15-year reign, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has sprung a major surprise and taken the

Few Strings in US, Many in Europe

As trillions of dollars and euros were being doled out by governments and central banks trying to buy their way

EU: Stage Set for Clash

The Hague is expected to deploy the biggest gun available to EU member states and roll out its veto to

Business in Times of Corona

Ten weeks ago, published a series of five reports on the portent of a novel economic event. Some 70,000

The Value of News

Lee Enterprises for Davenport, Iowa, is a leading US provider of local news. In January, the company paid $140 million

Recession or Depression: Nadir Has Passed, Recovery Delayed

The shape of things to come seems not to resemble the ‘V’ promised early on in the Corona Recession. With

Money for Nothing

From a mere medium of exchange, money has turned into a pixie dust that, sprinkled liberally, brings economies to bloom

Europe’s Golden Eleventh Hour

In true EU fashion, a compromise solution is taking shape for member states unable to power up their economy for

No Quick Recovery for Europe

Just before the weekend, Germany nosedived into a recession after the Statistisches Bundesamt, the country’s statistics bureau, announced a 2.2

Sobering Words from Fed Chairman Powell

This morning, investors are taking stock after being administered a measure of sobering realism by Jerome H Powell, chairman of

Carmakers Running on Fumes

French car manufacturer Renault can be bought for a mere €5.7 billion, a trifling sum in an environment defined by

Otaviano Canuto: Shapes of the Post-Coronavirus Economic Recovery

Data recently released on the first-quarter global domestic product (GDP) performance of major economies have showed how significant the impact

Caught in a Bind: Tax Avoiders Excluded from Corona Relief Funds

Consider a company that has furloughed a quarter of its workforce, and now intends to fire these 1,100 workers, all

A Famine of ‘Biblical Proportion’

The worst humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II. That is how World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director

Optimism in the Face of Disaster

Xavier Becerra Don’t apply for benefits, ask for a job. US unemployment centres are now hiring. In a single month,

A Troubling Edict from Karlsruhe

The European Union is facing the sharpest contraction of economic output since its founding in 1957. This year, the EU’s

Private Equity Takes Care of Its Own

The creativity displayed by private equity fund managers when snapping up companies and squeezing out profits has apparently evaporated into

Schalke 04 Fighting for Its Life and Soul

Ausgliederung. What wrecked the deep emotional bond between British football fans and their club is now coming to Germany: The

IFC Insights: How to Rebuild From the Shock of COVID-19

By Andrew Mayeda Mohamed A. El-Erian is chief economic advisor at Allianz, the corporate parent of PIMCO, where he served

IMF Country Focus: Pacific Islands Threatened by COVID-19

Already among the most remote countries on earth, Pacific island states saw their vital economic links weakened in recent months

Just Transition Mechanism: the EIB and the European Commission join forces in a proposed new public loan facility to finance green investments in the EU

Today, the European Commission presents its proposal for a public sector loan facility under the Just Transition Mechanism. The facility

World Bank Blogs: COVID response, desert locusts, a new chief economist, and more

This week was significant for the World Bank Group, and I would like to quickly highlight some key developments from

WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 – 25 May 2020

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. Today is Africa Day – an opportunity to celebrate Africa’s vitality and diversity,

COVID-19 Worsens Pre-existing Financial Vulnerabilities

By Tobias Adrian and Fabio Natalucci Much the same way COVID-19 hits people with pre-existing health conditions more strongly, so is the pandemic-triggered

COVID-19: UNESCO and ICOM concerned about the situation faced by the world’s museums

On the occasion of International Museum Day, two studies by UNESCO and the International Council of Museums (ICOM) confirm that

COVID-19: No free movement of critical workers without adequate protection

Pandemic highlights precarious working conditions for hundreds of thousands of cross-border and seasonal workers in the EU Member states must

Econvue: Have we reached the turning point?

As this Memorial Day weekend without parades comes quietly to an end, there is definitely a feeling in the air

EIB – Spain: COVID-19 – EIB provides Madrid Region with EUR 600 million to strengthen its response to the health emergency

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is assisting the Madrid Region in its efforts to tackle the COVID-19 health emergency. The

World Bank Group: 100 Countries Get Support in Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Unprecedented Crisis Could Push Up to 60 Million into Extreme Poverty WASHINGTON, May 19, 2020— The World Bank Group today announced

WTO goods barometer flashes red as COVID-19 disrupts world trade

The volume of world merchandise trade is likely to fall precipitously in the first half of 2020 as the COVID-19

AstraZeneca advances response to global COVID-19 challenge as it receives first commitments for Oxford’s potential new vaccine

Company working on a number of agreements in parallel to ensure broad and equitable supply of the vaccine throughout the

Islamic Development Bank: US$10 billion to help its MCs: Final Communiqué Heads of Arab Coordination Group Institutions

At the invitation of H.E. Dr. Bandar Hajjar, the Heads of Arab Coordination Group institutions met to discuss a coordinated

WHO: People living longer and healthier lives but COVID-19 threatens to throw progress off track

All over the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant loss of life, disrupting livelihoods, and threatening the recent advances

World Bank: How Countries Can Expand Access to Digital Financial Services

A new report by Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, Alfonso Garcia Mora, Mahesh Uttamchandani, Harish Natarajan, Erik Feyen, and Mathew Saal provides valuable

DG Azevêdo hails G20 pledges on trade cooperation in COVID-19 response

WTO Director-General Roberto Azevêdo welcomed G20 ministers’ endorsement of collective action measures to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

EIOPA: European insurers face increased risk exposures due to Covid-19, but market perceptions and imbalances remained at medium level

Today, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) published its updated Risk Dashboard based on the fourth quarter 2019