Meets the CEO and Founder of Moneymailme: Mihai Ivascu

Mr Ivascu is enrolled in the doctorate of Business Administration with a thesis on disruptive technologies for the financial industry currently being prepared at the International University of Monaco and Harvard University.

What Is Moneymailme?

Moneymailme is an innovative chatting app that combines social interaction with the joy of sending and receiving e-money, instantly. From sending money back to a friend who just paid for coffee, to contributing towards a gift for a team member at work, Moneymailme facilitates micropayments, file-sharing, and chatting simultaneously, allowing users to make payments part of an enjoyable social experience.

Social impact is a core value of Moneymailme which sees most people-to-people transactions as being related to the emotions of both giving and receiving.

In partnering with GlobalGiving UK, Moneymailme has extended its service for users beyond the personal movement of cash and into the realm of helping and providing, by allowing users the ability to donate to their favourite charities and causes with zero fees.

An Idea

“I wanted to create a global project that will try to solve a very simple problem. Living in an international place like Monaco, everybody has their own currency in their wallet. It’s quite hard to exchange money between us and to pay back friends.,” explained Mr Ivascu.

The mix between chatting and sending or receiving money is a natural step in today’s increasingly interconnected world. As a direct result, the current methods of transferring social money are quickly becoming outdated. The time taken to transfer funds on a P2P basis are extraordinarily long, especially if one finds herself/himself in a situation where there is a need for an immediate transfer of cash.
In an emergency situation, one has to be able to chat with friend or relatives, constantly assuring them you are there to help. Moneymailme brings this reassuring feeling to people. No more going home or to an office to complete a transfer, it can be done immediately by smartphone.

What do you hope to achieve?

“I want to create a new normality of consumption for the Y and Z generations. We send messages, pictures, and videos all day long. Why don’t we send money? Answering a growing human need, bringing together the sending and receipt of e-money, operating in multiple base currency e-wallets, keeping costs to users always to a minimum, and providing the strongest and most secure encryption on the market to ensure permanent security: that’s what we have to show, and all at once.”, stated Mr Ivascu.

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