Special Issue – SDGs: Driving Business Recovery

Back to homepage will produce a summer 2020 special issue to emphasise the need for an urgent response to the SDGs. This response must be part of the investment decision-making process to help drive economic recovery following the COVID-19 health crisis. Whilst much of the editorial content will be provided by multilateral organisations, there will also be commercial opportunities for a limited number of companies.

We have been working with the multilaterals to increase the circulation of this special issue beyond our own roster of 38,000 largely C-level subscribers. We shall be targeting C-levels that multilaterals would otherwise have reached via worldwide events that have now been cancelled. There will be some additions to the distribution list prior to publication, but the figure currently stands at some 61,000 copies.

Coverage Regionally:

Middle East – 10%

Europe – 33%

Africa – 8%

Latin America – 7%

North America – 24%

Asia Pacific – 18%

Sectorial Analysis of Readership

Finance Services – 53%

Professional Services – 21%

Industry & Logistics – 17%

Infrastructure – 11%

Government – 6%

Technology – 5%

Multilateral – 4%

Academic – 3%

Other – 10%

(there is some crossover)

In addition, all content in this special issue will be published on a dedicated microsite.

The publication will have sections for each of the 17 SDGs and commercial opportunities will be granted on a non-competitive basis. For example, SDG7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) would include editorial contributions from just one energy producer and one green bond issuer.

We shall work closely with commercial partners to ensure that articles meet their strategic objectives as well as those of the publication. Our editorial team will provide full support and partners will be given the opportunity to review and approve all content before publication. Word count will depend on the size and number of images and graphics employed but would normally run at around 500 to 700 words per page. is used by leading organisations to convey thought leadership to an audience of mainly investment focused decision-makers. Follow this link to download some examples or look through our back catalogue at