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Ana Botín: Reshaping the Financial Universe

The first woman to lead a major global financial services provider, Ana Botín remains one of only six women at the helm of a Fortune Global 100 company. Mrs Botín also tops the list of the world’s most powerful women

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Robert J Shiller: Mastering Data

One of the elite Sterling professors at Yale University, he predicted both the dot-com bubble and the collapse of the housing market. Two years ago, he was the joint recipient of a Nobel Prize. There are few people more on

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Adam Smith: The Original Economic Thinker

The year 1776 marked the dawn of modern capitalism: nothing to do with a few rebellious colonies unleashing a revolutionary war against the crown of England. It was in 1776 – 239 years ago – that Adam Smith published The

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Sebastião Salgado: Capturing the Moment

Sebastião Salgado abandoned a promising career as an economist in his 30s to become a highly-regarded and iconic photojournalist. His extraordinary black and white images record the lives of people in harsh conditions, finding beauty and strength in the bleakest

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JK Rowling: Inspiring Words Matched to an Inspiring Life

When the first edition of a book published in 1997 already fetches upward of twenty-thousand pounds, it is sure to have represented a literary milestone. Such is indeed the case with JK Rowling’s peerless masterwork Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone

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