Book Review: Private Island – Why Britain Now Belongs to Someone Else

A Balance Disturbed for All the Wrong Reasons It remains somewhat of a mystery how Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne manages the UK government’s financial affairs. Presiding over a buoyant economy, planning the biggest privatisation exercise ever, and mandating

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A Sojourn in Davos: Things Will Never Be the Same

Book Review – The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann For all its potential as a canvas for the display of human suffering, sick-lit never quite made it as a genre. In her 1926 essay On Being Ill, Virginia Woolf expressed

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Book Review: Squeezing Cash Out of Milliseconds

Time is money. To high-frequency traders, it means big money. HFTs make cash by being milliseconds faster than the other guy – or system. These are not mom-and-pop investors: high-frequency traders employ ultra-fast Internet connections and powerful computers to catch

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