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Sango: Friends and Founders Share Core Values — and a Commitment to the Future of the African Continent

Twenty-four years ago, Richard Okello and Charles Mwebeiha formed a friendship based on their shared values and passion for the African continent. That friendship, and those values, culminated in a business venture: the pair went on to found investment firm Sango

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Winnie Byanyima: From the Bush to the Global Stage

Oxfam International’s dynamic director Winnie Byanyima possesses a most extraordinary CV. Her career includes working as Uganda’s first female aeronautical engineer, living in the bush as a guerrilla fighter, roles as a diplomat and a politician, and campaigning for human

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World Economic Forum: Chile and Colombia Best in Entrepreneurial Vitality

Most advanced economies are lagging in entrepreneurial vitality. According to a report published last week by the World Economic Forum, the most ambitious and innovative businesspeople are to be found in emerging countries. The Leveraging Entrepreneurial Ambition and Innovation Report

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Partnering to Support Uganda’s Roads PPP Program

The national road transport network is the most dominant mode of transport in Uganda. Over 90% of passenger and freight traffic travels through the network. It also provides vital transport corridors to the land-locked countries of Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern Democratic

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LEX Africa: The Changing Face of Power in Africa

By Greg Nott, director at Werksmans Attorneys, South African member firm of Lex Africa No longer the “dark continent”, Africa is shedding light on investors’ quest for new sources of energy. Recent oil and gas finds, coupled with renewable energy

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Ugandan Oil PLC is Off the Starting Blocks

It looks like Uganda and some of the oil companies involved are finally about to reap the rewards that will help transform the Ugandan Economy and some of the companies involved. Investors have been given the go-ahead to tap into

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