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Uruguay: A Near-Perfect Country to Live, Work, and Play Post-Covid-19

The best countries to build a prosperous post-corona life include obvious choices such as Australia (#1), New Zealand (#3), and The Netherlands (#8), but also a few surprising ones: Mauritius claimed a top spot (#6) as did, remarkably, Spain (#5),

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CFI.co Meets the CEO of Minerva Foods: Fernando Galletti de Queiroz

Chief executive officer of Minerva Foods since 2007, Fernando Galletti de Queiroz joined the business in 1992 serving as its chief commercial officer and in a number of other key positions. Before joining the company, he worked at Cargill Agrícola

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New ‘Pacific Alliance’ Upbeat and Seeking Competitive Advantages

Leaders of Pacific Alliance: Ollanta Humala, President of Peru; Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia; Sebastián Piñera, President of Chile; Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico.   The new bloc’s integration opens up significant opportunities for incremental economic development through increased

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HSBC Continues to Sell Non-Core Assets

HSBC is selling businesses in four South American countries as it carries on its plan of leaving what it regards as less promising markets. The deal is still subject to regulatory approval but HSBC has reported the sale of its

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