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World Bank: Sustained Global Solidarity Needed to Achieve Global COVID-19 Recovery

The pandemic has affected virtually everyone in the world, but its impacts have been hardest on the poor and vulnerable, deepening inequalities and exacerbating underlying challenges. Now more than ever, global solidarity is needed to address the widening gaps between

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African Risk Capacity: Africa Takes the Lead in Managing Climate Risk

Climate negotiations in Paris last year focused the world’s attention on the fact that Africa’s vulnerable populations will be shouldering most of the burden of rising temperatures despite having barely contributed to global greenhouse gas emissions. Greater rainfall extremes and

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Enhancing Integration, Unlocking Investment in West Africa

West Africa is stepping up efforts to integrate regional economies and improve the investment climate with the support of the World Bank Group. At a mid-June event in Dakar, a regional public-private dialogue framework was launched to jointly identify regional

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UN Concern over Job Creation for Youth in Least developed Nations

There should be a greater emphasis on job creation in the world’s 49 poorest nations, where the number of young people of working age is increasing by 16 million per year, says a new report released yesterday by the United

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