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Corporación Multi-Inversiones: A Century of Progress & Development in Latin America

For a company about to celebrate its 100th anniversary, one can assume that many things have changed and evolved. So it is for Corporación Multi-Inversiones (CMI) as it approaches its first century in business, but one thing has not changed: the

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New Business-Registration Portal Goes Global

A new web portal has been launched to help companies directly access, and assess the user-friendliness of, business registration websites around the world. Global Enterprise Registration or www.ger.co is the brainchild of Ann Low, Deputy Director of the Office of

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Ann Low, National Defense University: Excellence in Government through User-Centric Design

Around the world a revolution is occurring, not one of violent upheaval, but one of excellence. Estonia and New Zealand are the oft-cited exemplars of user-friendly eGovernment, but they are not alone. On every continent, government employees are waking up

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Eduardo Galeano: Remembering a Forgotten Continent

In the last days of his presidency, José Mujica visited the Casmu Hospital in Montevideo to pay his respects to Uruguay’s foremost historian and poet. On April 13, Eduardo Hughes Galeano succumbed to lung cancer. A giant of progressive journalism,

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World Bank Group: Remittances – A Vital Channel for Global Cash Flows

Envision the world economy as a complex, interconnected array of financial engines whose propulsion helps reinforce one another’s momentum. One of the component engines is a small but significant one that, until a few years ago, was not recognised for

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