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Sergi Herrero, Co-CEO of VEON: Product as Mission

“The distinctions between telecoms, technology and data companies are vanishing rapidly. What lies ahead of us is seamless digital opportunity.” Sergi Herrero spent 12 years in the San Francisco Bay Area during the heyday of tech, serving as Facebook’s global

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UNOG on Perception Change Project (PCP): What Does the PCP Do for SDGs?

Negative news dominating the headlines leads people to believe that the state of the World is worsening. This is a misconception. Positive developments related to global challenges are happening every day — so why aren’t these stories being told? The

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National Energy Services Reunited: Providing In-Country Solutions to MENA Oil and Gas Producers

The Middle East North Africa Region continues to be one of the most attractive oil and gas markets in the world, attracting global investment from hundreds of leading companies and governments. As a result, it is also one of the

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UK Independence Day

Great Britain has declared its independence. By a margin of 52 against 48, voters delivered a stunning blow to the establishment and instructed their government to take the country out of the European Union. The world, as it had been

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How to Tame an Unruly Bear

You heed Teddy’s advice: Speak softly and carry a big stick. That’s how a bear is brought to its senses. Hardly rocket science. With his simple, yet effective approach to foreign policy, Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) – the 26th US president

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