The American Economy is Holding Strong — and Getting Greater Still

Wim Romeijn’s recent analysis indicates that shopping addiction is a primary driver of the American economy. However, other factors contribute significantly.

Each spring, the tradition of garage sales sees American households showcasing their impulse purchases. Neighbors engage in a cycle of buying and selling, transforming their garages into repositories of whimsical buys. This trend contributes to the growth of major retailers like Walmart and Home Depot.

Post-pandemic, US consumers were fueled by government relief checks. The federal government disbursed $931bn (£740bn) through 476 million checks. This economic stimulus combined with wage increases and credit card use led to robust consumer spending.

Goldman Sachs analysts predict a 3% growth in real incomes in the coming year. Still, economic disparities persist, implying that not everyone will benefit equally.

US Economy

American Economic Resilience Despite Global Vibes

Despite challenges like Hollywood strikes and job cuts by major firms like Yellow Corp, the US job market remains stable. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a positive change in non-farm payroll and a drop in unemployment rates.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell remains optimistic about the US economic outlook. Recent downturns, referred to as the “vibecession,” are diminishing. Current indicators suggest the US economy remains unmatched globally.

The US maintains its global economic position with a consistent share of the global GDP. Its work ethic, investments in R&D, and contributions to global patents showcase its dominance.

Challenges and Federal Initiatives

However, challenges like homelessness, which has seen a 6% increase since 2017, persist. Social issues, including gun violence and the opioid crisis, remain pressing concerns. Drugs like “tranq,” a deadly blend of fentanyl and xylazine, are emerging threats.

The US government’s spending patterns have changed, with a focus on welfare, healthcare, business support, and defense. The fiscal response to the pandemic, including relief packages worth approximately $5tn (£4tn), has enabled rapid economic recovery.

The Biden Administration’s Inflation Reduction Act, targeting climate change interventions, further showcases the federal government’s evolving priorities.

Dollar’s Dominance in the Global Economy

The dynamics of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency play a significant role in the country’s economic trajectory. The Griffin Dilemma highlights the interplay between domestic and international monetary objectives. The dollar’s status offers the US various advantages, including seigniorage.

In contrast, the euro struggles with certain structural limitations, preventing it from becoming a viable global reserve alternative.


Warren Buffett’s advice, “Never bet against America,” resonates. The strength and resilience of the US economy remain unchallenged, and it continues to adapt and thrive amidst global challenges.

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