Carlo Giugovaz, Supernovae Labs: Innovation, Inspiration, Experience and a Passion for Financial Industry Challenges

Supernovae Labs Chief Executive and Founder Carlo Giugovaz

Supernovae Labs Chief Executive and Founder: Carlo Giugovaz

Innovation visionary and industry thought leader, after only six years since founding Supernovae Labs, a consulting boutique specialised in innovation, Carlo Giugovaz led his team in winning the Best Fintech Accelerator Award in 2022, the second one the company received after the 2018 award.

Carlo, a digital banking pioneer with over 35 years of experience in the financial industry, before founding S9L, contributed in leading companies including: PwC (7 years +), McKinsey & Company (7 years +), European Commission in Brussels (1 year +), Intesa Sanpaolo (4 years +), University of Bologna (1 year +) and UniCredit (16 years +).

Today, the thought leader is country manager in Italy and Switzerland for Qorus, with whom he has worked since 2017, and CEO and Founder of Supernovae Group, an entrepreneurial reality formed by Supernovae Labs and Finnovaction.

The first firm is a consulting company with a focus on innovation, targeting financial institutions and fintechs. Founded by Carlo Giugovaz in 2016, thanks to his collaborations with the brightest innovators in the industry, Supernovae Labs is the first Italian accelerator for fintech startups dedicated to banking, insurance and financial services. The company supports financial institutions and fintechs in defining and executing digitalisation strategies, offering a range of open banking and open innovation services and supporting partners at every stage of their path development.

Supernovae Labs credits its success to the value of its team and ecosystem. The company features an international team of experts with years of experience in financial institutions and consulting world. A team of managers who have worked in the most innovative retail, digital, and private banking groups, developing deep knowledge of market needs and the ability to translate the applications of the most innovative technologies into business use cases. Through open innovation, creativity, teamwork, and entrepreneurship, each team member strives to create and share value with their partners, including financial institutions and fintechs.

At the same time, Supernovae Labs is proud to collaborate with industry-leading institutions -including Intesa San Paolo, Gruppo Bancario Iccrea, Widiba, Société Generale, and Qorus – and strategic partners – Including MBS, Kirey, S2E, Startupbootcamp, Swiss Insurtech Hub, and Startup Wise Guys.

With the recent addition of Finnovaction, the new Open Innovation Lab, Carlo and Supernovae Group are broadening their horizons to experiment with new innovative products and services, in order to identify, select and realise new business opportunities. With its Observatory and its Development Sandbox, Finnovaction is constantly monitoring the market to anticipate future trends; and provides an environment designed to “co-create” solutions that are ready to be implemented and to ensure their scalability.

Together, since the first Award in 2018, Carlo and his team have expanded S9L’s ecosystem, renewed the brand by giving it a new identity and image, developed more than 100 innovation ideas in more than 10 different business areas, until witnessing the entry of new scale-ups and unicorns into their network, giving life to what is now one of the most interesting realities on the Italian and European scene.

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