AAY Investments Group: Panama-based Company Earns a Happy Niche in the VC World

Panama-based Venture Capital Funding firm AAY Investments Group started life in 1986 — and has been able to adapt to the buffeting of changing times and challenging economic trends.


The group is made up of Templeton Equity, Swiss Credit & Guaranty, Swiss Credit Underwriters, Swiss Credit Equities and six AAY-affiliated partner companies.

The group’s success stems from the long-term relationships it has always established with clients. The 45-person AAY staff play a vital role in this, of course. Managers assess how actions throughout the decision-making process affect client and employees. This conscientiousness has resulted in low staff turnover — and high employee and customer retention.

AAY has developed business relationships with national and international brokers, attorneys, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and project owners throughout the world.
The venture capital funding it has provided has given life to projects that create wealth for owners — and provide secure jobs for international employees.

“AAY Investments Group now has an insurance team of individuals who are highly skilled in risk management.”

AAY’s senior management team has almost a century of combined professional experience in commercial project finance and venture capital funding. The company recently added an insurance team, focusing on risk-management, and it continues to grow thanks to its reputation, and a belief that confidentiality and non-disclosure are essential for business.

No Substitute for Experience — and it Helps that the AAY Team Members have a Range of Skills

This firm has had venture capital in focus since the mid-80s, and shows a flair for seizing opportunity — and avoiding risk.

AAY Investments Group has been in the international project-funding business since 1986.

Over that time, its adaptability and ability to evolve has brought continued success. It has thrived while many financial institutions have failed, and it has an enviable track record.

The company provides venture capital around the world, in various currencies. It has given life to projects that have gone on to create wealth for their owners and secure jobs for workers in many countries.

AAY Investments Group has worked with national and international brokers, attorneys, banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies.

AAY Investments Group: Headquarters

AAY Investments Group: Headquarters

The Team

Sam Davis, senior project director, BA in International Business Finance, 15 years in financial and banking services.

Mark Manson, senior managing partner, MBA, 25 years managing fund capital and investment strategies.

Simon Greene, head of legal, LLM, with 18 years’ international experience in corporate governance and legal and regulatory matters.

The senior management team has some 95 years of combined professional experience in commercial project finance and venture capital funding.

The dynamic members have backgrounds in invaluable fields such as law and investment banking, and all have deep knowledge of the workings of financial institutions.

AAY Investments Group now has an insurance team of individuals who are highly skilled in risk management. This allows the group to provide commercial insurance products through reinsurance and guarantees. It can also accept business from the wholesale insurance broker community.

AAY’s reputation has never been stronger. It has established long-term partnerships, and provides underwriting for commercial funding and related reinsurance projects to non-affiliated financial and insurance entities.

Funding Capacity

As a global project investment group with a private fund and its own private investor capital, AAY has the resources it needs to be a world player. The minimum lending requirement is $5m, with the capability to fund upwards of $50m by using syndicated partners.

AAY Investments Group is able to offer low interest rates — and, if necessary, a grace period for repayment until a project has adequate cash flow. This has been achieved via a 100 percent project funding programme: 60 percent private lending, 40 percent private equity.

Broker Participation

AAY is seeking professional contacts around the world to place client business. Brokers, consultant or other entities working in commercial finance and/or insurance are urged to get in touch.

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