Supporting Clients & Thriving in Challenging Era: BIAT’s on the Ball

The past two years have been exceptional — and during an unprecedented set of global challenges, Tunisian bank BIAT has showcased its resilience.


Financial strength and good decision-making have allowed it to face the repercussions of the crisis, and flourish. By mobilising all BIAT teams, it has given continuous support to its 960,000 clients through a commercial network of 205 branches.

“We have put in place support measures for the benefit of our 39,000 business and professional clients through the Moltazimoun initiative, launched in 2020 to help preserve the economic fabric and jobs in Tunisia,” says CEO Mohamed Agrebi.

“This has resulted in the granting of more than $380m (1.1bn dinar) of support credits over all regions of the country.”

Several key achievements have marked the past two years.

BIAT Digital Transformation

The year 2021 was marked by the launch of the first version of the digital offer MyBIAT. Developed in close collaboration with customers, MyBIAT offers digitalised services to facilitate the processing and monitoring of remote banking operations. With a functional and intuitive design, MyBIAT is a secure banking application that complies with the latest technological standards.

Acquisition of Tunisie Valeurs

In March 2020, BIAT Group strengthened its position by acquiring Tunisie Valeurs, a financial institution specialising in asset management, stock market intermediation, financial engineering, and treasury securities. “Through this transaction, our positioning on capital market activities has been consolidated,” says Agrebi. “Our corporate offer is more complete, with tailor-made support for our clients from experts in the market.”

New Branch Concept

In 2021, BIAT launched its new branch concept, which reflects the expertise the bank offers its clients in terms of relational support and innovation and digital services. “Two pilot sites have already been implemented. In addition to the added value provided by the expertise of our sales teams, we wanted our branches to embody our values of transparency and commitment,” says Agrebi. “We also wanted the process to be more welcoming and user-friendly, for a smoother customer experience.”

Social Responsibility

“In terms of social responsibility, we are aware of the country’s need for solidarity and cohesion. With this in mind, we made a donation of $6.37m (18.3 million dinar) to the 1818 fund, set up to fight against Covid-19.
“We have mobilised additional funds to finance the acquisition of medical equipment and mobilise other equipment necessary for health services.”

Rehabilitation of Schools

BIAT took part in the first joint social responsibility action of the Tunisian banking sector, initiated by APTBEF to help public schools. “We have taken charge of the rehabilitation and fitting-out of five schools in Kef and Kairouan,” Agrebi notes. “All the work has been completed and will allow more than 1,000 students to continue their school year in good conditions.”

BIAT Foundation and BIATLABS

As part of its CSR approach, BIAT continues to support entrepreneurship through various structures. “Our objective is to contribute to the development of the entrepreneurial spirit of young people,” says Agrebi.

Incubator BIATLABS has enriched its programme, and celebrated the graduation of another class of young entrepreneurs. The BIAT Foundation has continued to support young people via programmes focused on entrepreneurship, education, and culture. The fifth edition of SPARK CLUB, the BIAT Foundation’s entrepreneurial programme for young people aged 15 to 18, helped more than 600 young people to transform their ideas into projects.

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