Applied Science Private University (ASU): Forging its Own Path and Earning Global Respect – Jordan’s Pioneer in World of Private Universities

The Applied Science Private University (ASU) is a true educational pioneer — the first private university in Amman-Jordan when it was founded in 1989.

Over the past three decades, ASU has evolved into a hub of knowledge, innovation and discovery that attracts scholars from around the world. It has grown, too, and is one of the largest private universities in Jordan.

Built on the principles of diversity, inclusiveness, and excellence in education, research, and community service, ASU is a vibrant learning community. It is home to more than 6,500 local and international students and 240 faculty members, originating from 56 countries.

“ASU is best known for the quality of its programmes of study, supported by well-equipped laboratories, up-to-date curricula and state-of-the-art facilities,” says ASU president Iman Albasheti.

Bolstered by its strong foundation and track record, ASU recently adopted a new vision and mission that form the blueprint for shaping its future directions and priorities. ASU has embraced internationalisation, sustainability, and innovation as the main support pillars of its ongoing pursuit of excellence.


Vision and Mission

“Our vision is to be renowned internationally for excellence in teaching and learning, applied scientific research, sustainable development and community services,” says Albasheti.

“Our mission is to embed creativity, entrepreneurship, and continuous development in the fields of education, scientific research, human resources, and university and community environment. In addition, we are dedicated to preparing a generation of graduates that matches national and international standards to serve their communities.”

ASU has been recognised locally and globally for its educational excellence and the quality of its services. It has partnered with universities in Europe, the US, Australia, and the Arab region, resulting in 110 joint research publications and 133 inbound and outbound students’ mobility. (Student mobility is the number of students from a given country studying abroad, expressed as a percentage of total tertiary enrolment in that country.) ASU recently joined the Erasmus+ programme as a partner with European universities, with more than 180 inbound and outbound student and staff mobilities.
ASU is an active member of the International Association of Universities, the Association of Arab Universities, UNIMED Mediterranean University Union. It is a signatory of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals accord. i

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