Tipa Nawawattanasub, CEO of YLG Group: Driving Group to Golden Greatness

CEO: Tipa Nawawattanasub

CEO: Tipa Nawawattanasub

Tipa Nawawattanasub is the chief executive of YLG Group, a family-owned company in Thailand.

Thanks to its expertise and experience, the YLG Group has positioned itself in Thailand’s highly competitive investment service in gold. It is recognised for its integrated one-stop service in gold.

YLG Group’s operation consists of four major business areas with an integrated service offer that enables it to provide customers with solutions: YLG Bullion International Co Ltd, YLG Bullion & Futures Co Ltd, YLG Bullion Singapore Pte Ltd and YLG Bullion Precious Co Ltd.

Tipa Nawawattanasub is a top executive for many companies. She is the CEO of YLG Bullion & Futures Co, and managing director of YLG Bullion Singapore and YLG Bullion International.

YLG Group has focused on sincere and faithful service, it has contributed to the reliability and confidence of customers.

Tipa Nawawattanasub has a BA in Business Administration (Finance), a degree in Business Administration from the University of Kent in Canterbury. She also has a Master’s in Major Political Science from Ramkhamhaeng University. Her community work includes a place on the board of the Gem and Jewellery Institute of Thailand.

Q & A

What excites you about the business world in general?
In my point of view, I think there are many exciting things in the global business because the new normal exists, so the way to do business also changed. Moreover, the transformation of changing customers’ lifestyles affected the adaptation of running business.

Currently, YLG’s platform business that connected with online transactions and online communication with customers. For example, our customers can open an online account in order to trade gold with YLG Group and customers can trade gold online easily via YLG application.

What lessons did you learn from your earlier career experience?
My lesson learned regarding learning new technologies in order to facilitate customers. Currently, we have an application for online gold trading. YLG Group put a lot of time and effort into developing and improving it for customers. However, it takes a long time to develop because we would like to offer only the best thing for a great experience for our customers.

What motives and enthuses you about the business you now lead?
I have strong motivation for the business development and create the opportunity for customers to achieve the purpose. We will support our customer to success in their purpose. The most important thing that supported me to do a business during the global changes and challenges was the engagement of family’s business since I was young. It has so much more than just a company, but it is a part of me like family.

In order to make my family proud of me, I desire to see my part of the YLG group grow up continually and sustainable over time.

What is special about your organisation’s management style? Can you share some management or organisation secrets?
Actually, the organisation’s management style is more flexible, adaptive, and energetic because we designed our organisation’s structure to be flat. I always open opportunities for my team to share new and creative ideas together.

Normally, many companies have solely one way communication. The CEO usually assigns staff and staff don’t have any choice or option to argue or defend their idea, but I don’t think it is a great idea to drive my team to achieve the company’s goals.

Our goal is to enrich new ideas of the new generation and share them with my experience and specialisation in the gold trading industry. From my point of view, I think the perfect combination between a new idea and my intense experience can create an effective business strategy and led our company to attain company’s mission.

What are the key strengths of the team you led? How important is your support team?
My key strengths of the team is two way communications and I am always a good listener for my team.

I think I can’t overstate the importance of seeing that everyone qualifies as key personnel and everyone is a key component that builds a perfect teamwork. I am only a part of a team, one who defines a goal and motivates the team to attain the company’s goal.

What are the key traits of a good corporate leader?
I think the definition of a good corporate leader is one who can be a good leader and a good team player. A good corporate leader should realise when he should be the commander and when he should be a follower. If I would like to learn about a company’s problem, I am a follower, but if I would like to execute strategy, I am a leader who makes commitments to employers.

Do those criteria change when applied to your particular industry?
Yes, it might change because there are many challenges in the gold trading industry, for instance, customer’s behaviour changes frequently. They shifted to online channels, thus I emphasise developing excellent service in order to meet customers’ needs and give more flexibility for our customers through the service process.

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