Curinde: Caribbean Island of Curaçao Becoming Logistical Trade Hub

Curinde’s business parks in the Caribbean isle of Curaçao have an enticing offer: pure possibility.

Harbor Free Economic Zone: Aerial view

Harbor Free Economic Zone: Aerial view

Curaçao is ideally located at the crossroads of trade routes between South America, the US and Europe. Curaçao Industrial & International Trade Development Company, Curinde, is a semi-government company with 85 percent of its shares belonging to the government of Curaçao, and 15 percent owned by APC, a general pension fund.

As the managing company and developer of three business parks in Curaçao, Curinde guides and assists investors interested in establishing a company in one of its three business parks: Harbour Free Economic Zone, Airport Free Economic Zone, and Industrial Park. And it does that well: it recently received an award as Best Free Economic Zone Manager in the Dutch Caribbean for 2021.

Airport Free Economic Zone

Airport Free Economic Zone

Pending Developments

New Haven Industrial Zone

The New Haven Industrial Zone is an area in the Harbour Free Economic Zone that will be separated and designated industrial. Curinde has confidence that the project will strengthen the country’s economy, generate employment and contribute tax to the government.

Tropic Shopping E-commerce Platform

Curinde has launched an e-commerce platform,, for companies to sell their products online. Tropic Shopping is open for local and international companies, making it easier to start selling.

The platform offers safe and secure SSL-encrypted payment options for major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. A shipping solution is also provided.

The platform dovetails perfectly with the government’s plans to convert Curaçao into an export nation. The pandemic underscored the importance of collaboration, communication, and co-ordination. “It pushed us to become creative and adapt to changes,” says MD Jacqueline Jansen.

Curinde’s Parks

A Free Economic Zone is a fenced-in Customs area where one can import, export, store, package, label, assemble and produce goods, as well as provide services — all free from import duties.

One of the requirements for establishing in the Free Economic Zone is that a minimum of 75 percent of a company’s annual turnover must be generated from export, while a maximum of 25 percent may be generated from sales within Curaçao.

In case of local sales, the normal import duties and taxes are applicable, while a permit is required to sell goods to the local market.

Impact on the Community

Curinde operates on land, acquired 41 years ago, that has not been an object of spoilage. It has successfully completed the ISO certification process and obtained ISO 28001 (Prevention of Risks) and ISO 18788 (Private Security and Security in the Supply Chain) in co-operation with Cursecure, Curinde’s associate security company.

The next step is obtaining Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status. AEO certification means an entity involved in the international movement of goods has been approved by, or on behalf of, the local Customs authorities. It complies with World Customs Organisation (WCO) or equivalent supply chain security standards. By obtaining the AEO certification, Curinde will prove its compliance with relevant existing international laws and regulations as well as those required by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Management of Product or Service

The activities performed by Curinde are characterised in strict accordance with the law and best practices that prevent illegal activities, especially those related to counterfeit, piracy, and forgery.

The joint work with Customs authorities is a priority for Curinde in its aim for a safe and transparent commerce.

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