Trojan Holding’s Hamad Salem Al Ameri: A Man Who Loves to Build

Hamad Salem Al Ameri, Managing Director, Trojan Holding

Managing Director: Eng Hamad Salem Al Ameri

Eng Hamad Salem Al Ameri is a man of ambition who has paved a strong path in the construction industry, developing a highly regarded reputation for delivering projects of the utmost quality, in a timely manner.

Agraduate in engineering from the American University of Dubai, Al Ameri also earned an MBA from the Canadian University in the emirate. He rose from the ranks and currently holds managerial and director roles in such key industries as as real estate development and contracting; international investments and finance; government, non-profit, and public institutions. In addition to oil, energy and utilities sectors.

In 2009, Al Ameri founded Trojan Holding in the UAE, with small trailers on site doubling as offices. Today, the holding company boasts several business verticals with more than 25,000 employees. In addition to his role as Vice Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Trojan Holding, Al Ameri sits on the board of several companies in the region.

Al Ameri is renowned for improving efficiencies and streamlining processes within the corporate group and for the consolidation of resources among related companies to attain economies of scale and optimum productivity. Setting up the group as a one-stop shop, he employs a huge technical team to work on every element of a building, be it large or small, delivering everything on time and in-house.

This contractor has an impressive global footprint, covering countries in the GCC region and Europe. Always ready for fresh challenges, Al Ameri is nevertheless selective, bidding only on the right developments, at the right time, and in the right places. He places much focus on sustainability within host communities, and puts effort into the protection of the environment, and the conservation of resources.

Hamad Salem Al Ameri is a big supporter of Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Vision through direct contribution to the emirate’s social and human development and the creation of a sustainable, knowledge-based nation. As part of a personal mission, he launched Trojan Young Engineers (TYE), a CSR initiative enabling young engineering students to gain hands-on experience of working in the industry through a rich programme including construction site tours. To date, four cycles of TYE have been successfully launched, with more to come.

His hard work, insight and ambition have resulted in an illustrious professional path for the construction expert both regionally and globally. A path that is sure to point to further horizons, perhaps exceeding his own expectations.

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