Business Leaders Find Alternatives to Pay Increases in Cost-of-Living Battle

Salaries falling behind inflation, and continual hikes ‘won’t always be possible’ as a countermeasure, firms say. The cost-of-living crisis is

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The transition to global net zero to address climate change must be both ambitious and fair. Otherwise, it will fail

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Verdant Capital is a leading Pan-African investment bank and investment manager, specialising in private credit and private equity. It was

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The possibility of multiple financial shocks lies ahead. Three significant changes to the macro-economic policy regime in advanced economies have

A Sci-fi Author’s View on the Rise (and Control) of Human Population

There are eight billion people on Earth, and that could rise to 10 billion by the end of the century.

Daily Challenges of a Matchmaker: Linking the Benevolent with the World’s Most Deserving Projects

Club10mPlus is a London-based investment club seeking ethical investors for projects that benefit people and planet — and Relationship Director

Doors Closing: Mind the EU Gender Pay Gap

Transparency directive introduced to ensure fair pay between the sexes Women in the EU continue to be paid less on

Abu Dhabi Cements City’s Position at Global Market Forefront in conversation with Dhaher Bin Dhaher Al Mheiri, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Global Market Authority. Abu Dhabi

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Echoes of the Franco Era still haunt Spain in subtle and often divisive ways. Now, a vibrant democracy, the country

Rugby Injuries Tackled Head-on as Fans, Clubs and Ruling Bodies Put Renewed Focus on Player Safety

Tony Lennox reports on the ruck forming around rule changes to the rough-but-popular game of the oval ball. Hollywood legend

David Hume’s Philosophy, Controversy, Superstition, Atheism — and Lucky Toes

The Scots philosopher’s sometimes divisive words gave him prominence in life, as in death. It’s ironic that a statue of